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Lonely Planet – 15 Weekends of Summer

June 9th, 2011 by Janet Wolf

Way back when, historically speaking and not so long ago (1973) there were a couple of travellers who started writing travel guides. The guides were first aimed for backpackers and adventurous travellers like themselves.  They picked the name from some misheard lyrics in ‘Space Captain’, a song written by Joe Crocker and Leon Russell. The words were ‘lovely planet’, but they liked the sound of their version and the rest as they say is history.

The success story of the Australian based company Lonely Planet is huge. They are probably the most extensive and up to date travel guide out there today. Wherever you want to go in the world, Lonely Planet has a guide book as well as smaller regional digital PDF chapters for purchase. They are known for their detailed first-hand approach advice for travellers including must-see spots with encouragement for exploration. To be included in their publications you must be chosen by them.  The B&B Team was pleased to hear that Pilgrim’s Inn in Deer Isle, Maine was picked for the selected place to stay on Weekend 8 of the ‘15 Weeks of Summer’.  

Pilgrim's Inn, Deer Isle Maine


Each weekend is designed for the traveller to explore their backyard, take a road trip or visit a new city. For example Weekend 8 is an exploration of coastal Maine and is entitled; ”Indulge Your Inner Foodie”. You know what the main foodie’s food is, lobster of course. The route starts in Wells on the southern coast and moves up the coast to Portland, Wiscasset, and Rockland with the final rest stop at the Pilgrim’s Inn. The rock-strewn shores of Deer Isle and the seaside charm of the inn is a perfect choice for travellers seeking the quintessential Maine lodging experience. Good on ya Lonely Planet!  And congratulations to our clients, friends and innkeepers extraordinaire of Pilgrim’s Inn, Tina and Tony.

Another plus to these mini travel guides is that you can download them for free when you enter a competition with the prize of a vacation to the wine country of Napa Valley. Simply give them your email and you then have access to all 15 of the guides.  Not bad, I entered. Innkeepers need vacations too!

From coast to coast and accross the planet, we wish you all a great summer and may your rooms be filled with happy travellers.

Janet Wolf


The 3 Keys to Real Estate

October 29th, 2010 by Janet Wolf

Location Location Location#1 Location. #2 Location. #3 Location.  Somethings never change, and this old adage is just as true today as it was years ago. The phrase that has become a real estate mantra may have first been coined in 1926 in an ad in the Chicago Tribune expounding the virtues of properties located in Rogers Park. Another version attributes the turn of phrase to British real estate tycoon Lord Harold Samuel. Whenever or whoever used these words first is solely of historical interest. The real importance of the trinity lies in the fact that value is central to a property’s location and has been for years.

In the case of  the Lincolnville Beach (Maine) Oceanfront Inn and Restaurant, its location is superb, but the fact that this offering is comprised of 3 (another trinity!) separate parcels of land make this offering even more enticing and attractive to a buyer, investor or…?

This offering represents the Best of Coastal Maine! There aren’t many commercial offerings today with 400 feet of true water frontage. Positioned between the ocean and Coastal Route 1, this is a one of a kind property featuring 1.2+/- acres of prime oceanfront land. The 3 separate parcels of land, 4 buildings, 250 feet of high visibility US Route 1 frontage and ocean breezes is available today for the discerning Investor, Developer, Restaurateur or Innkeeper.

This is a true Oceanfront commercial property with the location x 3 in the charming mid coast Maine village of Lincolnville Beach on Penobscot Bay. The mid coast of Maine is known as the ‘Jewel of the Maine Coast’ and Lincolnville as the ‘Heart of the Maine Coast’, a great description for a grand location and exceptional opportunity. Think of another oceanfront property once upon a time…of a fellow named Peter Minuit who once looked upon the ‘island of Manhattes’…and may have thought…’location, location, location’.

Maybe this opportunity is your opportunity to enjoy the great real estate trinity of location x 3 and parcels x 3!

Rick Wolf

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