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Bed and Breakfast-Experiential Travel

January 28th, 2015 by Janet Wolf



experiential travel and millennials

Experiential Travel-Seek and they will find.

It’s the new buzz phrase and it has caught on big time. Once again the focus is on the millennial and their travel wants and needs. Despite what the studies and media are putting out there the generation gap may not be that wide. We all want an exceptional experience when we travel.  But for this post I will focus on experiential travel for the millennial traveler. A Huffington Post article lists 29 wants and needs the millennial traveler is seeking. Let’s take a look at a few of the bullet points that relate to experiential travel. Followed by some suggestions for Bed and Breakfast innkeepers.

#2. They make quick decisions.

Email marketing is a great way to promote timely events and new businesses in your area. Content marketing is hot right now. Also engaging and timely blogs that are shared on your social media platforms. Good example of a timely blog is from the Brampton Inn in Chestertown MD about the new restaurants in town. They also shared it on Facebook.

#10. They’re comfortable booking trips on the go. #20 They’re spontaneous.

Mobile booking is becoming more main stream. It will become a must to have the ability to book from mobile devices.

#5. They travel to pursue their own interests (like food, wine, or outdoor adventuring) more than other generations do.


experiential travel for food and spirits

Flights of beer or any trendy libation

Spotlight those restaurants that offer a hipper experience. i.e. Wine, beer or whiskey flites. Local foods with a creative flair. Food carts. Local bands, entertainment. Pop-up restaurants.


For the experiential traveler a food truck is fast. fun and very local.

For the experiential traveler a food truck is fast. fun and very local.

Find out what is new in your area that screams ADVENTURE, connect with the provider and promote it big time. It may be that there is an adventure experience out there that is virtually unknown. Great opportunity to get the word out to your guests.

#24. Many of them are seeing the world’s wonders for the first time, generating an unmatched essence of thrill and awe.

What a great opportunity for innkeepers! If you are near any national or state park, the millennial traveler would love to experience it their way. (not the way they experienced it at 12 from the back seat of the family wagon).

Scenic highway road trips. Create your own itinerary that leads right to your door!

They have lots of energy and can pack 3 adventures into one day. Backpacking, on a trail then a horse then hop on a jeep. Or a dog sled… The Lodge at Moosehead Lake in Maine does a great job creating and promoting their Wilderness Adventures in all seasons.


experiential travel at Lodge at Moosehead Lake

Dogsledding-Mush your own dogsled memorable adventure. Lodge at Moosehead Lake, Maine

Have information available (online and onsite) that offer ‘free’ places to visit.

Out of sequence but a good finish to this post. #14. They want to travel more than older generations do.

Great news. But they must be able to find you. You have the unique lodging experience as well as the personal knowledge of your area. Where are the millennial travelers finding their lodging choices? Online reviews are a biggie. AirBnB is another, as well as some OTA’s.  Something to think about.

But once they have found you, they may come back and book with you directly. Or…they may tell their buddies about their experience. Word of mouth, so easy to communicate on social media. #6 They’re Internet masterminds.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Content Marketing – Truth and Transparency

February 17th, 2014 by Janet Wolf

Content Marketing

Marcus Sheridan delivering his message on Content Marketing

By allowing yourself to embrace truth and transparency in your content marketing, your messaging can change the way you see your business and how your guests view your business.

For those of you who attended the PAII Innkeeping Conference last month we were privileged to hear Marcus Sheridan speak. Marcus has carved out a niche for himself in the world of inbound and content marketing messaging, especially for small businesses.

What is content marketing?

“Creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience-with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

It is all about teaching and communicating with our customers/guests on our websites, blogs, videos, emails. How does this work? Everyone wants their questions answered when they are searching for a product. In your world, a place to stay. When they go to your Inn’s website can they quickly click trough to your rooms, get a clear and concise price range and see a good wide selection of photos of your rooms? Are the room descriptions short and precise without frivolous irrelevant information? Are they able to click on any timely specials and see and read what you are offering? Quickly! Do your emails grab the reader with a clear and concise message which they can scan quickly to find out what you have to offer? Are your blogs informational, do they teach?

Great example of a recent blog from Hermann Hill Inn:

Hermann Missouri Road Conditions

Hermann Hill content marketing blog

Hermann Hill-Clear approach to the Inn. No worries!


We wanted to let guests staying at Hermann Hill this weekend know that the roads to Hermann are clear, but we advise them to take Hwy 19 or Hwy 100 and avoid the detour of Hwy B from Hwy 70. We look forward to seeing you all and drive safely!

This is a great short, clear and precise message, relieves guest’s concerns and answers their questions!

Approaching online marketing with the tools available to us today with fresh, positive and honest content marketing allows your guests to learn who and what you are and answers the questions that helps them make their booking decisions.

Back to Marcus Sheridan’s message. Truth and transparency in your content marketing. It is what customers want, it is what they need and may even crave. That is pretty powerful.

Lets’ go back a bit and get a perspective on what content marketing was. In the 1960’s advertising went through some dramatic changes. The new breed of advertising agencies brought energy, style, wit and youth to their ads. It was fresh and people responded. Maybe not very honest and transparent, especially the cigarette ads! In many ways advertisers thought being too transparent would bring negative results. The up and coming generation (boomers) were distrustful of ‘old school’ traditional advertising. We had to be convinced. That was a big challenge, to build trust. I believe it worked to a degree. But back then advertising was a one way communication. Then came the internet, social media and the challenge was on once again.

A great example of 60’s style advertising was from the car rental agencies.

Hertz 'old school' content marketing

Hertz ‘old school’ content marketing messaging

Hertz puts you in the driver’s seat.” But Avis tried harder. So you go with the car rental agency that tried harder to give you what you wanted? At least that was their message. Did they deliver?Avis content marketing

At The B&B Team we ‘try harder’ to deliver information that makes our clients more intelligent.  In our aspiring innkeeping seminars we want to make  sure attendees receive valuable knowledge to help them make intelligent decisions in the buying process. For sellers and buyers, our Inn valuations are thorough, transparent and deliver reasonable and defensible conclusions. We also guide our buyer clients to the ‘driver’s seat’. Once they are in the ‘driver’s seat’ we are always available to offer help and advise, we don’t leave them on the side of the road. We deliver.

As you know marketing is ongoing. Maybe it is time to look at your content in all of your media communique. See if you can change or add some content that delivers a more concise and clearer message. Ones that will empower your guests to make decisions about their lodging choice.  Content that answers their questions quickly and of course honestly.

Another great recent article on content marketing. A must read.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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