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Investing In Your Inn

June 30th, 2016 by Janet Wolf

Investing in your Inn

Federal House Inn in the Massachusetts Berkshires

Investing in your Inn is an ongoing process, one process that never should slow down or even worse, stop. The result of inactivity and lethargy will produce a whole bucket load of issues that will affect your property’s worth on the marketplace. Dire consequences? You bet!

This was the topic of the most recent webinar hosted by AIHP, Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals. The webinar titled, “Sprinting to the Finish” was conducted by White Stone Marketing with some input from innkeeping professionals, including The B&B Team’s Rick Wolf. A lot of good information was shared in the webinar that every innkeeper needs to hear. A recorded version will be available soon.

Here is a quote from a colleague’s formula in regard to investing in your Inn.

Deferred maintenance = hidden problems = buyers fear and doubt.

Which leads to another formula…

Tired + deferred maintenance = costly redo’s = lower offer!

Short and to the point! Copy and paste this. Read it daily. Let this become your mantra.

All of us at The B&B Team have seen both sides of the coin on this subject.

  • Innkeepers sprinting to the finish and receiving a fair market value for their property based on their ongoing marketing, steady business growth and their well cared for property.
  • Innkeepers putting their property on the market when they have moved way past burn out, never a good thing.

I want to showcase a recent success story. How new innkeepers Marcia and Ken, graduates of  The B&B Team ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ Seminar, encountered some hidden problems after the purchase of their Inn and how they overcame them and moved forward and are already starting to see success. And in only 2 ½ months!

Picture this…washing machine dies in the first week. Plumber informs them that hook up was installed improperly and mold has built up as a result. He suggests all new plumbing, otherwise the problem will persist. Solution: Innkeepers moved the laundry room out of the dank dark basement to a first floor sun room. Bright and clean with garden views! Innkeeper’s quote “It was life changing.”

More problems emerged but all were overcome (yes a lot of stress along the way) but ‘positivity’ prevailed. After things settled down a bit, onto redecorating. The fun stuff! I will let these photos do the talking and let your imagination picture the before!

Investing in your Inn

Elizabeth Campbell Photography-Invest in Good Photography!

Investing in your inn

Guest Room-Clean, fresh, a new beginning

Investing in your Inn

Federal House Inn Makeover Elizabeth Campbell Photography

Yes, all guest rooms and common areas received a makeover. All done in record time to receive Beth Campbell on the scene for a photo shoot. Not many new innkeepers tackle this kind of fast track transformation. I believe Marcia and Ken needed to achieve this goal to show themselves that yes, after many setbacks and disappointments there is a bright future when ‘positivity’ and hard work prevail. (I can’t imagine the piles of stripped wallpaper).

And, some icing on the cake, a jump for the Federal House Inn on Trip Advisor from #6 to #2. Congratulations! When Rick and I visited Marcia and Ken (a surprise visit) we saw nothing but smiles and enthusiasm. Yes, ‘life changing’!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Massachusetts Berkshires ‘Life is Calling’

September 3rd, 2015 by Janet Wolf

massachusetts berkshires

Massachusetts Berkshires-Like the Views are Pretty Much Everywhere-Photo: Ogden Gigli

The Massachusetts Berkshires Tourism and Travel Planning website has a great tagline, “life is calling.” And life in the Massachusetts Berkshires is bursting with some exciting stuff! Lately there has been an explosion of a new and exciting local food scene. “A crossroads of culinary culture, the Berkshires attracts chefs and restaurateurs who are, in no uncertain terms, artists in their own right.” A food scene is a great draw in a destination location but cultural events and some of the most scenic vistas in the Northeast are the Berkshires’ mainstays and draws the world to its doorstep.

Massachusetts Berkshires Farm to Table Experience

Massachusetts Berkshires Farm to Table Experience

The peaceful beauty of the Massachusetts Berkshires has always been a draw, from the 19th century’s affluent ‘cottagers’ that flocked there from New York City to today’s tourists seeking a getaway. Today guests have the opportunity to stay in some of these ‘cottages’ as well as tour the larger preserved Berkshire estates open to the public.

The Federal House Inn in South Lee is a prime example of a Berkshire ‘cottage’ that offers guests a glimpse of what guests from an earlier time experienced. Elegance, yes, but also country comfort in a relaxed atmosphere. Earlier guests to the ‘cottages’ were seeking a respite from the social rigors of city society. I suppose you could say the same for today’s travelers. A getaway is a getaway no matter what century you live in!

Federal House Inn-Massachusetts Berkshires

Federal House Inn-Massachusetts Berkshires

The Federal House Inn was built in 1824 by the paper industry leader, Thomas O. Hurlbut. His home was his sanctuary, being a devoted family and business man. Today the property is still a sanctuary. The Federal House Inn has been fully restored and the gracious federal brick building appears today as stately as it did in in its inception.

Current innkeepers have kept the historical charm of the home which features gorgeous wood floors and large windows that invite guests to admire the surrounding scenery. The addition of the expanded and newly constructed owner’s quarters is a wonderful plus to the property.  A private living room, bright master bedroom and bath, walk in closets, a new 4-season sunroom/office, private garden and deck complete the package!  These quarters are spacious and comfortable…and… private and convenient too!

If ‘life is calling’ you to the world of Innkeeping, the Massachusetts Berkshires and the Federal House Inn for sale is a great place to start your journey. Read more about this gracious property and the wonderful opportunities it has to offer.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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