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When Did Food Become So Photogenic?

February 29th, 2016 by Janet Wolf

Roasted Tomato Soup with Parsnip Chips

Roasted Tomato Soup with Parsnip Chips

When DID food become so photogenic? This question is in response to the most recent Bon Appetit issue with a great editorial by Adam Rapaport, Editor in Chief. It is their first ‘culture issue’. Cool.

Wait, When Did Food Get So Cool? March 2016

His thoughts on the subject:

  • Food has become a thing
  • Not just for certified foodies anymore…everybody was (is) getting into it
  • Food has gone wide, it has become cool!

My thoughts:

  • Not just cool but oh so photo worthy…why?
    • The phone camera and the ease to share (brag) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • It’s fun!

This issue is a real great source of articles that expand on the “finer points of Instagramming (natural light only, directly overhead preferred!) Because if you don’t snap and share a photo of your meal, it never happened, right?” I have done this and I know you have too! In fact we did this at a recent Pop Up Dinner at the Inn at English Meadows.

Inn at English Meadows Pop Up Dinner

Inn at English Meadows Pop Up Dinner

For a special one night stand food experience, a pop up is perfect! What a great way to spot light one of your favorite local chefs or sous chefs. Local chef in Kennebunk, Chris Groman created this wonderful menu. A pop up is also a way to connect with your community. Invite the influencers, local press and businesses.

"everyone is invited to the table"

“everyone is invited to the table”

Yes trends come and go. Pop Ups may be replaced by something else, food trucks may thin out but our passion and obsession with food is here to stay and it is sure to grow. Just like trends in décor, trends in food change too, and rapidly because of the ability to share on social media with likeminded folks.

Mr. Rapaport ends his editorial with a great statement. “The fact is, food culture isn’t niche anymore. Nowadays, everyone is invited to the table, and we love that. It makes for a far more interesting dinner table conversation.”

So here we go ..lights, camera, action… can we eat now?

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Culinary Travel – Marketing Your Culinary Getaways

April 18th, 2012 by Janet Wolf

“There are those of us who travel and those of us who travel to eat.” Kendra Bailey Morris

I found this to be a great quote from a travel and food author and blogger I just discovered. She writes with gusto and passion about the food and places she loves. Check out her latest blogs, ‘Fatback & Foie Gras’. One important feature about her blog is the great photography. They are large and enticing shots that bring you close to the food being featured. People do eat with their eyes first. Warning, don’t look if you are hungry.

Culinary focused travel is becoming increasingly popular. You want to bring these travellers to your Inn to feast at your table and the tables of your favorite local restaurants. Here are a few B&B’s I believe do a great job creating and promoting culinary getaways. The Inn at English Meadows in Kennebunk, Maine not only features their special breakfast offerings with great photos and text, but also on their blogs. Take a look and read their two recent posts featuring culinary topics. The Inn at English Meadows and the Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine have both teamed up with to promote their culinary getaway packages. This is a go to website for travellers looking for culinary focused travel events and specials. BnBFinder also has a page dedicated to posting culinary getaways, another great source.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to bake the perfect cake? You can, during a Culinary Getaway at our B&B in the Kennbunks.

We all know it is all about the experience you create for your guests. And food is a big part of that experience. An event that involves cooking with a professional chef in cooking class or demonstration followed by a meal with your group feasting on your creations accompanied with good wine and good conversation, that’s the ticket! Sign me up. Another quote from Kendra; “Let’s face it, chefs are now rock stars and food is definitely in.” Well you must have a local rock star chef in your area that would love to perform and show off their culinary creations, or you may be the rock star! Go for it.

Risotto Close Up by Jenn Cuisine



Jenn Oliver of Jenn Cuisine is another great food blogger I discovered. She offers some great advice in her blog, ‘The Importance of Good Food Photography’. She says:” When I take a photo of a dish, my goal is to bring the viewer to the table, so they can mentally reach out and taste the full flavor of the food I’m displaying.” In this blog she shares some photo shots that are good next to the same shot that is great. You really can clearly see what the difference is. We always recommend professional photographers that will produce artful interior, exterior and food photos . Christian Giannelli and Jumping Rocks Photography are two of the best out there for our industry. Christian did the photography for The Inn at English Meadows and Jumping Rocks did the photgraphy for Hartstone Inn.

Sticky Toffee Pudding-Hartstone Inn-Jumping Rocks Photography

I have included a lot of links in this posting. I hope you view each and every one of them and that they help you visualize the importance of good food photography when marketing your culinary getaway packages.

Here is a question for you? A picture is worth a thousand words so does this mean a picture of food is worth a thousand calories?


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