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Mobile Bookings are Growing Fast-Are you getting your share?

June 22nd, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Mibile bookings

Mobile Bookings are Growing

“…according to eMarketer’s latest forecast on digital and mobile travel. This year, digital travel sales in the US will reach $189.62 billion, 40.0% of which will come from mobile devices.”

Now not all of those billions are room rentals. This includes airlines, cruises, all travel related bookings, including AirBnB.

More stats for those who love this stuff:

“US mobile travel sales will total $75.85 billion in 2017, up 16.7% over last year. On the flip side, desktop and laptop travel sales will decline 1.6% this year to $113.77 billion.”

What does this mean for our industry? If your website is not responsive, you run the risk of being deemed irrelevant. Ouch!

“Google holds nearly 70% of search market share, so when Google talks, we listen. Google states that responsive web design (RWD) is its recommended mobile configuration and an industry best practice. Google prefers RWD because content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile site. It also makes managing your site and SEO easier, as you have one site to maintain and market.” InsideOut Solutions.

Responsive website design has been a ‘must do’ upgrade for a while. Nothing new but…with the newest stats like the 16.7% increase in mobile bookings, the importance of a good responsive site just keeps growing.

“It’s important to have a responsive website, one that can adapt to screens of any resolution, for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that it allows guests who found your inn on their mobile device or tablet to easily navigate your website. If they can navigate your site, they will stay on your website longer. They will learn more about your accommodations and will be more likely to make a reservation.” Q4Launch

The most important point I want to make in this post going forward is: GO WITH WEBMASTERS WHO KNOW THE LODGING INDUSTRY. I know I just shouted at you, no apology, because this is important!

“Keep in mind, “Local” webmasters who are not well-versed in the Lodging industry simply do not have the knowledge to build a Website and include all the necessary parts required to make it into a successful online presence.” Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

“We take a holistic approach to bed and breakfast marketing, but a key tool for success is a professionally designed website that converts “lookers into bookers.” White Stone Marketing

The folks I have quoted here know their stuff. They have all been working with and for our industry for quite a while (except for Q4, the newbies… but good!)  They are all knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about our industry as are we at The B&B Team.

You want your share of the $75.85 billion US travel sales in 2017. If you are not responsive your share will be miniscule. You want those lookers to become bookers but…if they can’t even look on a mobile device. Ouch!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

What is a Hat Tip?

September 26th, 2014 by Janet Wolf

What is a hat tip?


What is a Hat Tip? That was my question to myself when I saw the abbreviated “HT” or “h/t” mentioned in a tutorial on Google Plus. So I go to my first source of information, good ol’ Wikipedia. In today’s blogosphere it means to “acknowledge someone who has made a significant contribution toward an effort, or someone who drew attention to something new or interesting.” You are tipping your hat to the person who has given you an idea, your inspiration. I do that all the time when I read an article that brings on the muse for my next blog posting. Just did not know I was h/t-ing.

For more in depth information on Google Plus engagement  here is a link (h/t) to Rebekah Radice, 7 Google+ Tips to Create Maximum Engagement.

Wikipedia information goes on to tell us a hat tip is “good netiquette when sharing a link or news item to give a hat tip to the person from whom you learned of the item.” When you think about it, sharing a link is an acknowledgment. Linking to a person’s article, a business’s website or video is also a compliment. You believe in that source and you want to share its message.

For more detailed information on how linking is important for SEO here is a link (h/t) to Shawn Kerr of InsideOut Solutions, Link Building for SEO.

Whether it is in a blog, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube, the sharing should have a point, a meaning. Throwing stuff out on social media just for the sake of posting can turn into noise. After a while folks stop listening. The Google+ tutorial tells us; “Don’t just share posts for the sake of sharing. Curate content that matters to your followers and then inject your personal view.” All this is good advice and I tip my hat to the all- powerful Google, that mysterious wizard behind the curtain.

hat tip to Google

Hat Tip to the powerful and mysterious wizard behind the curtain

In conclusion I want to tell you about an old hat tipper, a person not too many people will know. “In 1929, syndicated cartoonist Jimmy Hatlo started thanking readers who suggested a funny idea for a strip with the phrase “Thanx and a tip of the Hatlo hat to [name] at the bottom of his comic strip panel They’ll Do It Every Time. He continued drawing the hat tip box in the strip until his death in 1963.” From 1929 to 1963 he would acknowledge hundreds of people who sent him ideas. I can imagine how thrilled those people were to see their names in print with the tip of the Hatlo hat. As a personal aside, when the name Jimmy Hatlo appeared in my research, I knew who he was. My husband and business partner Rick Wolf went to school with his son and had met Jimmy as a kid. Rick and his friend have reconnected since then and you guessed it, through Facebook.

Jimmy Hatlo hat tip

Jimmy Hatlo cartoon that innkeepers will relate to

So here is a hat tip from me to Jimmy Hatlo, for having the etiquette to acknowledge his followers. He knew who they were, what mattered to them and then injected his personal view which were his hundreds of cartoons, offering a smile and a chuckle to start their day.

So just remember when you link to a source, a website, article, link to a video on Facebook you are hat tipping. Hopefully your hat tip gets back to a real person, the source. Hopefully that person feels acknowledged and it may even make their day.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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