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Massachusetts Destination Inns for Sale

September 22nd, 2016 by Janet Wolf

Massachusetts destination inns for sale

Looking for Massachusetts destination inns for sale? The B&B Team can guide you through the process from search to sell and everything in between. We invite you to start your search with us.

For such a smallish state (10,555 sq. mi.), there sure are a bucket list of Massachusetts destination locations to visit, to stay and explore. Tourism, both international and US increases yearly for destinations like the Berkshires, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Boston and beyond.

massachusetts destination inns for sale

Freedom Trail Walking Tours

It all started in Massachusetts, literally! Take the Freedom Trail in Boston and learn how our country arose from 13 colonies to 13 states. The preservation of historic landmarks along the Freedom Trail in Boston is a huge draw for tourists. Preservation has a lot to do with tourism to the Bay State.

So what does preservation have to do with tourism? Read on.

In a recent article; ‘Too many misunderstand the true impact of tourism’ By Marshall Helmberger, he refers to Edward McMahon, a Senior Resident Fellow at Urban Land Institute in Washington D.C. He provides some great insights as to why preservation has a lot to do with tourism.

“Preserve and restore historic buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes — these are what make our communities unique. Communities that don’t preserve their history, or encourage development that’s not in keeping with the community’s character (think chain stores and restaurants), lose their cultural memory and their soul. There are plenty of communities that have been swallowed up by strip development, big box stores and fast food chains, and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to ever venture out of their way to such places, since they all look the same.”

I believe this statement is very powerful! Historic homes and estates that have been converted into bed and breakfasts and historic country inns are prime examples of thoughtful preservation and restoration. Innkeepers are excellent stewards of their inns and take great pride in the character of their property and community.

Massachusetts destination inns for sale offer historic charm, character and a unique experience that are very inviting to visitors to the state. Walk down any main street on the Cape or in Berkshire County and you can find preserved historic homes and estates mingled with bed and breakfasts and one of a kind retail stores and restaurants.  No two are alike. Authenticity reigns!

massachusetts destination inns for sale

Cape Cod National Seashore

Beside the preservation of brick and mortar there is land and sea.

  • Cape Cod National Seashore that protects nearly the whole eastern coast of the Cape, keeping a 40-mile stretch of sand and dunes almost unchanged since the 1800s.
  • Mohawk Trail Region offers miles of scenic driving tours. 5 separate picturesque Massachusetts countryside drives through the Berkshire Hills.
  • Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary is an underwater plateau in the Atlantic at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay. View protected marine life; whales, dolphins, harbor porpoises and seals.
massachusetts destination inns for sale

Along the Mohawk Trail

And if music and art feed your soul there is:

  • Tanglewood Concerts: Summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Lenox in the heart of the Berkshires.
  • About 1000 (may I exaggerate?) museums of art from the Museum of Fine Art Boston to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge.

And then there is food. Seafood is the number one agricultural product, followed by cranberries.

massacusetts destination inns for sale

Massachusetts Steamed Clams

If you are seeking a quality of life that includes all the cultural and historical preservation that Massachusetts destination locations have to offer and… if living and owning your own hospitality business is a dream and goal of yours. Consider inns for sale in Massachusetts.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Massachusetts Berkshires ‘Life is Calling’

September 3rd, 2015 by Janet Wolf

massachusetts berkshires

Massachusetts Berkshires-Like the Views are Pretty Much Everywhere-Photo: Ogden Gigli

The Massachusetts Berkshires Tourism and Travel Planning website has a great tagline, “life is calling.” And life in the Massachusetts Berkshires is bursting with some exciting stuff! Lately there has been an explosion of a new and exciting local food scene. “A crossroads of culinary culture, the Berkshires attracts chefs and restaurateurs who are, in no uncertain terms, artists in their own right.” A food scene is a great draw in a destination location but cultural events and some of the most scenic vistas in the Northeast are the Berkshires’ mainstays and draws the world to its doorstep.

Massachusetts Berkshires Farm to Table Experience

Massachusetts Berkshires Farm to Table Experience

The peaceful beauty of the Massachusetts Berkshires has always been a draw, from the 19th century’s affluent ‘cottagers’ that flocked there from New York City to today’s tourists seeking a getaway. Today guests have the opportunity to stay in some of these ‘cottages’ as well as tour the larger preserved Berkshire estates open to the public.

The Federal House Inn in South Lee is a prime example of a Berkshire ‘cottage’ that offers guests a glimpse of what guests from an earlier time experienced. Elegance, yes, but also country comfort in a relaxed atmosphere. Earlier guests to the ‘cottages’ were seeking a respite from the social rigors of city society. I suppose you could say the same for today’s travelers. A getaway is a getaway no matter what century you live in!

Federal House Inn-Massachusetts Berkshires

Federal House Inn-Massachusetts Berkshires

The Federal House Inn was built in 1824 by the paper industry leader, Thomas O. Hurlbut. His home was his sanctuary, being a devoted family and business man. Today the property is still a sanctuary. The Federal House Inn has been fully restored and the gracious federal brick building appears today as stately as it did in in its inception.

Current innkeepers have kept the historical charm of the home which features gorgeous wood floors and large windows that invite guests to admire the surrounding scenery. The addition of the expanded and newly constructed owner’s quarters is a wonderful plus to the property.  A private living room, bright master bedroom and bath, walk in closets, a new 4-season sunroom/office, private garden and deck complete the package!  These quarters are spacious and comfortable…and… private and convenient too!

If ‘life is calling’ you to the world of Innkeeping, the Massachusetts Berkshires and the Federal House Inn for sale is a great place to start your journey. Read more about this gracious property and the wonderful opportunities it has to offer.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

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