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Is Cycling the New Golf?

October 27th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

Is cycling the new golf?

Discovery Bike Tours in Vermont

There have been many articles with the subject title ‘cycling is the new golf’ in the last year or so. Is cycling the new golf? I was curious so I did some research. This is what I found.

  • According to the National Golf Federation
    • Number of golfers in the US between 2005 and 2013 down 5.7%
    • Number of rounds of golf played in the US between 2000 and 2013 down 10.2%
  • According to USA Cycling the number of people taking out cycling licenses from 2002 and 2013 increased 76%

To a golfer, which I am, and to a cyclist, which I am not, this trend is an interesting one to look at. Also to look at the reasons why?

Let’s look at some recent consumer lifestyle trend stats that may shed some light.

  • “According to Mintel flagship report American Lifestyles 2015, a comprehensive look at American consumer markets, over the next five years total sales are forecast to increase by 21.9 percent. Nonessential categories, including vacations and dining out, are expected to see the greatest gains with projected five-year increases of about 27 percent each.”
  • “The vacation and tourism market is supported by relatively wealthy Baby Boomers who are taking more vacations as they retire from the work force, as well as Millennials who are increasing spending in the category.”

Spending more on ‘vacations’ and ‘dining out’. Great news for innkeepers. Add the increased cycling trend and I think we have a winning package here.

Is cycling the new golf?

Lake Champlain Shoreham Vermont

With the increase in cyclists there is bound to be an increase in the cycling tours. The Shoreham Inn in Shoreham Vermont has been hosting cycling tours for many years. It is one of the stops for cyclists experiencing their slice of Vermont paradise.

“Tidy apple orchards, grand views of Lake Champlain, fields of grazing sheep and cows, and the classic beauty and simplicity of the surrounding towns and villages with vistas of the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks.”

is cycling the new golf?

Shoreham Inn

I have been to Shoreham and this describes the area beautifully. The countryside is magical and what better way to experience it than on a bike.

Shoreham Inn’s 3 Day/2 Night Bike tour package with Discovery Bike Tours includes more than just riding from one point to the next. It is truly all about ‘experiential tourism’, with the dining included.

  • Day One: Arrive at the Inn for a family style dinner at the Inn’s ‘Gastro Pub’
  • Day Two: Cycle from Shoreham to Middlebury and visit and sample Otter Creek Brewery and the Woodschuck Cidery and explore the town. Then cycle to the University of Vermont’s Morgan Horse Farm before easing our way back to the inn.
  • Day Three: Follow quiet country roads to the pretty village of Orwell and then visit Norton’s Gallery where he has on display his ever popular whimsical wood carvings. From here we cycle down to the shores of Lake Champlain to Larrabees Landing before winding our way back to the Shoreham Inn.
is cycling the new golf?

Norton’s Gallery

Now I still love golf and will continue my unrelenting path to improve my game but…this tour is definitely enticing. A lot to see and do with the bonus of burning calories!

That is another reason that cycling is trending upwards. It is a fitness activity that not only can be measured in burned calories, heart rate with devices like jawbone but…it is an activity paired with experiences. And food too. Check this out, The Shoreham Inn in the UK Times. “Just rustic enough and just chic enough, it’s the best gastropub you never found in the UK, with ambiance and food to match” The Times, September 2015

Is cycling the new golf?

Shoreham Inn Gastro Pub

If you are an aspiring innkeeper that is looking forward to providing your guests with authentic experiences and good food, consider the Shoreham Inn for sale. Yes, cycling tours are a successful segment of their business but the ideal Vermont location plus the authentic New England hospitality provided in the lodging and casual dining is the heart of the Inn’s business.

And if you are a golfer, don’t worry. Vermont is known for their good courses with some of them nearby.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Is Your Bed and Breakfast Attracting the Millennial Traveler?

September 3rd, 2014 by Janet Wolf


Millennial traveler

The Millennial Traveler. Smart phone and back pack will travel.

A recent article in Budget Traveler listed ‘6 Needs of the Millennial Traveler’. You may have seen our posting of this piece on our Facebook. The B&B Team likes to put out information that may be useful.  It is also good to take some of the information from articles like this one and pick it apart. That’s the fun part!

Point #1 – Constant Connection. Free Wi-Fi and plug-ins, it’s a given. First of all it is not only the millennial traveler generation that wants this and requires this. Parents and even grandparents of the millennial want this too! Come on!

millennial traveler connections

All generations want to stay connected.

Point #2 – Comforts of Home. Budget Traveler says the millennial traveler likes: ‘Broken in spaces where they can feel familiar and feel a part of the community.’ They mention Airbnb as a provider of such an experience. OK, I know that this is what Airbnb promotes and many of their property listings provide this. But, here is where the ‘pick apart’ comes in. Bed and Breakfasts, Country Inns, Boutique Hotels have been providing this kind of experience for decades.

Point #3 – Authenticity and Personal Experience. The emotional connection to travel with unique offerings.  Two of the examples listed were: cooking with a real Italian or a road trip to off-the-beaten-track places. Again, great stuff and the small lodging industry have also been providing experiences like these for a very long time.

I am going to stop here with the rest of the list. Because, all of the above brings up an interesting question. If Bed and Breakfasts have been providing the kind of experience the millennial traveler appears to want, are Bed and Breakfasts reaching them? Are Bed and Breakfasts connecting with them? Yes, some are but are the majority?

The opportunity to reach out and connect to this emerging generation of travelers is so ripe. And the time is now.

A few ideas and suggestions come to mind. If you have the ‘born after 1980’ guests staying with you…ask them a few questions.

  • What kind of activities do you look for when searching for places to visit?
  • What other kinds of lodging besides bed and breakfasts do you like to stay?
  • Were there any amenities they would like to see offered that weren’t?

Ask them if there were any negatives about their stay. If they hesitate, just reassure them that this kind of information, positive or negative really helps and is very much appreciated. Remember this should not become the Spanish Inquisition, just a friendly conversation.

Social media, your website (gotta have a mobile site), have to reflect a sense of now. What is current and happening in your area? What specials and promotions you may be offering that offer value. The millennial traveler may be looking at rates and deals, what Budget Travel calls ‘Low Cost luxury’. A few examples follow.

The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn in Cape Cod, on their website pop down menu are the choices to click on, ‘Experience’ and ‘Convenience’. Words the millennial traveler may pick up on. These two terms are fresh alternatives to the traditional, ‘Things to Do’ and ‘Amenities’.

Millennial traveler cape cod

Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn, a place for the Millennial Traveler to experience Cape Cod

Inns at Blackberry Commons in Camden Maine have a ‘Promotions’ side window on all their pages that lists their rate saving promotions and the area’s ‘deals’. A real eye catching window that would make any visitor to their website stay and view what is happening, now.

Promotions for millennial traveler

Beautiful Camden Harbor. Sail FREE in September! A great promotion from The Inns at Blackberry Commons



The millennial traveler may be looking for ‘off the beaten track’ lifestyle experiences where they can feel a part of the community. It may be apple picking in the afternoon and a trendy café with unique ‘hand crafted’ cocktails and local music in the evening. It is important to ‘show and tell’ these kind of experiences on your website. The Shoreham Inn in Shoreham Vermont offers just this kind of experience. And the trendy cocktails can be had at their Gastropub. You can meet and mingle with the locals there too. Community!

Millennial traveler community

Gastropub at the Shoreham Inn VT-mingle with the locals for good food and drink


Bed and Breakfasts have so much to offer the millennial traveler. Get the word out and they will arrive with their plug-ins and back packs ready to be filled with experiences.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Shoreham Inn-Vermont Way to Stay

October 17th, 2013 by Janet Wolf

Mill at Sunset

Sunset on the southern shore of Lake Champlain minutes from The Shoreham Inn


The Shoreham Inn is a true Vermont Way to Stay. An Inn with a location and thriving business worth a visit. In our “Better Way to Learn Innkeeping” aspiring seminars, we ask our attendees what area of the country they would like their inn to be located in.  The B&B Team believes aspiring innkeepers should focus on the location they believe they would want to live and work. It is a very important component of their search process.

For many aspirers New England and especially Vermont is a location on their list of places to explore. The Green Mountain state has long been known for country inn hospitality. More reasons for owning a business in Vermont is that it has been named the ‘second most peaceful place to live’ in the US as well as the healthiest state in the US four years in a row.

Once you have identified an area then you can start identifying some properties.  Shoreham Vermont is a classic Vermont town surrounded by vistas of century old dairy farms and orchards. Shoreham is known as the ‘Heart of the Land of Milk and Honey’. And this is pretty literal. The area is famous for its apple orchards (with bees) and pastures of grazing sheep and cows (milk). Shoreham has one of the oldest and most picturesque apple orchards in Vermont, Champlain Orchards. It is also home to several growing businesses. Tata Harper Skin Care and Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey. Middlebury is 15 minutes from Shoreham, home of Middlebury College. A highly rated liberal arts college with its own ski area, small but a tremendous value.

The beauty and simplicity of Shoreham and surrounding area is truly a location to fall in love with. Set near the southern shore of Lake Champlain with the Green Mountains to the east and the skyline of the Adirondacks rising over the lake to the west as a backdrop. Travelers flock to this area for all the reasons stated here. Cyclists especially love to explore the challenging roads and vistas.

Cyclist and travel writer Jeff Katz for the Boston Globe

Cyclist and travel writer Jeff Katz for the Boston Globe












There is a classic country inn for sale right in the middle of it all. The Shoreham Inn has ‘retained its fine country feel and essential 1790 Vermont character while adding those comforts and amenities that make our stay special. The dining room, with its exposed beams and open fireplace, exudes warmth and charm and sets the friendly atmosphere for delicious home-cooked meals.’ These accolades and many more have been written about the Shoreham Inn Vermont.

Shoreham Inn Vermont

Shoreham Inn patio outside a suite

Unlike many buildings that have been converted into country inns, the Shoreham Inn has been welcoming guests for over 200 years! Talk about hospitality, if walls could talk. But lets’ talk about the present Shoreham Inn. The walls today are filled with guests enjoying great food and beverage in the ‘Gastropub’ and great comfort and modern amenities in their 10 guest rooms which include 3 contemporary loft style suites.

The total view looks pretty good here. Great state, great area and great town. Add a thriving full service country inn business to this view and you get the Shoreham Inn & Pub. New innkeepers can take an established and growing business and make it their own while enjoying a vibrant community and much sought after Vermont lifestyle. A great quote from the current innkeeper…”Vermont and Addison County is particular is a true melding of committed outsiders with diverse tastes and excitement for this beautiful place, and long, long term locals, also diverse, enthusiastic in their own ways and happy to live where they do.” They know because they are a part of the community and welcome these diverse folks to their pub frequently. Not just customers but friends.

Shoreham Inn near Lake Champlaine for sale

Fall colors surround The Shoreham Inn

Thanks for listening,

Janet Wolf


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