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Breakfast Going Global

April 11th, 2018 by Janet Wolf


Breakfast Going Global

Thank you, Linda Hayes, for sending me a most enticing and inspiring article, ‘The World of BreakfastThe shifting definition of what counts as breakfast food now embraces flavors from around the globe’. Explore breakfast going global.

Trends in food are constantly evolving, new flavors and creative presentations are certain to elicit the WOW factor. Are you ready to push the global envelope?

In our most recent ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ seminar we had two women with a Caribbean background who expressed a desire to introduce Caribbean recipes in their future B&B. Love it.

Rick and I were visiting The Inn at English Meadows recently and innkeeper Kate was serving Chilaquiles. Even though I am a huge fan of Mexican food, I had never heard of this dish. Fabulous, clean plate club for both Rick and me.

Here are a few of the dishes that got my attention. Let’s start with sweet.

Hong Kong Waffles

Breakfast going global

Area Four in Cambridge, Mass., combines the waffles with pistachio ice cream and blackberry sauce

“Also known as bubble or egg waffles. Soft, chewy in the middle with crisp lacy edges, made from sweet, eggy batter.”

I found a good ‘how to’ and recipe from food blogger “ginger & scotch”.

breakfast goin global

This is how they come out from an egg-waffle pan

Now let’s take a savory journey.


It is famous in Mexico. A dish of fried corn tortilla strips simmered (but not to long to make them soggy) in salsa or roasted tomatillo sauce and topped with egg, cheese (I like Queso Fresco) and possibly beans, squash, tomatos. Make your own combination, that is the fun of it. But a must on my plate would be avocado!

breakfast going global

Image credit: Alanna Taylor Tobin | The Bojon Gourmet

Off to the Caribbean.

Another food blogger; ‘Immaculate Bites-Afro-Caribbean Recipes Made Easy’. Some beautiful and very enticing recipes. Dishes like, Sweet Plantain Hash & Eggs or this one…

breakfast going global

Jamaican Corn Meal Porridge

What you want to do, as suggested by The World of Breakfast authors is… “find that perfect balance between home and away.” That is what innkeepers do everyday at their inns. Now it may be fun to take that trip to Hong Kong, Mexico or the Caribbean or anywhere you like.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Breakfast- Half of Who You Are

August 15th, 2013 by Janet Wolf

Baked Stuffed French Toast, Quiche, Egg Strata. Do these entrees from your kitchen present a breakfast entrée WOW factor or…  I am going to say something many of you may not like, here goes…these breakfast entrees tend to be predictable and often times boring! But they don’t have to be. I am writing this because on our many visits to B&B’s we have unfortunately experienced some uninspired breakfasts. One of the most important marketing tools we have is our food.  As part of your inn’s brand, your breakfasts are half of who you are. They can’t be just good, your breakfast entrees should say WOW.  Some of the most creative breakfast entrees I have experienced include what is called an ‘element of culinary surprise’. An unexpected ingredient and an artistic presentation can make an ordinary breakfast entree, extraordinary.

Pancetta Crustless Quiche Liz Brodar, The Inn at English Meadows

Pancetta Crustless Quiche
Liz Brodar, The Inn at English Meadows

All our senses need to be enticed.  The smell of fresh baked goods wafting up the stairwell followed by an embellished description of  your breakfast choices. Then the presentation from juice to entrée, a feast for the eyes with color, texture and design. Last is taste, pretty important but not before all your other senses have been satisfied.

Here are a few photos to get your creative juices flowing. Debbie Moisimann (one of the Eight Broads in the Kitchen) from Swiss Woods Inn has found a new favorite ingredient, applewood smoked salt. She states that it would be great served as a side with her savory eggs Florentine. The B&B Team’s Dana Moos adds fiddleheads ,when in season, to her skillet frittata, a great unexpected ingredient!

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt & Heirloom Tomatoes

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, olive oil & Heirloom Tomatoes

Fiddlehead (or Asparagus), Caramelized Shallots & Goat Cheese Frittata Dana Moos recipe & photo

Fiddlehead (or Asparagus), Caramelized Shallots & Goat Cheese Frittata…color, texture and art!
Dana Moos recipe & photo

Just like décor and guest room amenities, trends in food are also changing. Here is one trend that I believe will increase in popularity and guest appreciation.

Healthier choices. About 31 million Americans skip breakfast and many of them are your guests! A hearty full breakfast may be just what your guests are looking for but they may also prefer a healthier choice after a week of over indulgence on the road. I know of many inns that offer a lighter alternative along with their regular fare. Also, I believe it is important to inform your guests that they have this choice ahead of time. Your breakfast page on your website is a great place to entice your guests with your choices.They may even book with you because you offer a healthier alternative. Also have visible signage listing the next days breakfast choices. Describe with enticing words so they can look forward to the morning. Here is a list of suggested items that are easily prepared ahead of time and  can be readily available in your well stocked pantry.

Fresh seasonal fruit salad, rich and luscious organic honey yogurt, farm fresh organic hard boiled eggs, a signature granola made with whole grain oats with less sugar and fat, homemade or locally baked organic breads for toasting with seasonal homemade jam.

Yogurt Parfaits - For your early risers - grab & go

Idea – For your early risers – Grab & Go

You don’t need to ditch your favorite breakfast entrees, just add an unexpected new ingredient, dress the plate and create that WOW. To quote Dana Moos from her cookbook The Art of Breakfast; “For years I have looked at food as art; the medium with which to paint my plates.” She does a great job with the taste too! Her Savory Spinach & Parmesan Cheesecake is to die for. Check it out!

Is it time for you to get those creative juices flowing once again? Remember…breakfast is half of who you are.

Thanks for listening.

Janet Wolf


Culinary Travel – Marketing Your Culinary Getaways

April 18th, 2012 by Janet Wolf

“There are those of us who travel and those of us who travel to eat.” Kendra Bailey Morris

I found this to be a great quote from a travel and food author and blogger I just discovered. She writes with gusto and passion about the food and places she loves. Check out her latest blogs, ‘Fatback & Foie Gras’. One important feature about her blog is the great photography. They are large and enticing shots that bring you close to the food being featured. People do eat with their eyes first. Warning, don’t look if you are hungry.

Culinary focused travel is becoming increasingly popular. You want to bring these travellers to your Inn to feast at your table and the tables of your favorite local restaurants. Here are a few B&B’s I believe do a great job creating and promoting culinary getaways. The Inn at English Meadows in Kennebunk, Maine not only features their special breakfast offerings with great photos and text, but also on their blogs. Take a look and read their two recent posts featuring culinary topics. The Inn at English Meadows and the Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine have both teamed up with to promote their culinary getaway packages. This is a go to website for travellers looking for culinary focused travel events and specials. BnBFinder also has a page dedicated to posting culinary getaways, another great source.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to bake the perfect cake? You can, during a Culinary Getaway at our B&B in the Kennbunks.

We all know it is all about the experience you create for your guests. And food is a big part of that experience. An event that involves cooking with a professional chef in cooking class or demonstration followed by a meal with your group feasting on your creations accompanied with good wine and good conversation, that’s the ticket! Sign me up. Another quote from Kendra; “Let’s face it, chefs are now rock stars and food is definitely in.” Well you must have a local rock star chef in your area that would love to perform and show off their culinary creations, or you may be the rock star! Go for it.

Risotto Close Up by Jenn Cuisine



Jenn Oliver of Jenn Cuisine is another great food blogger I discovered. She offers some great advice in her blog, ‘The Importance of Good Food Photography’. She says:” When I take a photo of a dish, my goal is to bring the viewer to the table, so they can mentally reach out and taste the full flavor of the food I’m displaying.” In this blog she shares some photo shots that are good next to the same shot that is great. You really can clearly see what the difference is. We always recommend professional photographers that will produce artful interior, exterior and food photos . Christian Giannelli and Jumping Rocks Photography are two of the best out there for our industry. Christian did the photography for The Inn at English Meadows and Jumping Rocks did the photgraphy for Hartstone Inn.

Sticky Toffee Pudding-Hartstone Inn-Jumping Rocks Photography

I have included a lot of links in this posting. I hope you view each and every one of them and that they help you visualize the importance of good food photography when marketing your culinary getaway packages.

Here is a question for you? A picture is worth a thousand words so does this mean a picture of food is worth a thousand calories?


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