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Experiential Tourism in Mid-Coast Maine

February 19th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

mid-coast maine expriential tourism destination

A balcony, a view and wine.
Youngstown Inn & Restaurant, Mid-Coast Maine

The Youngstown Inn and Restaurant, mid-coast Maine in Lincolnville, an inn that defines what experiential travel is all about. It also has something else; potential. The ground work is there ready to take to the next level.

A recent Travel & Leisure article has written about “an emerging new breed of inns out there. They are redefining the way people stay and play”. It is all about the experience and it has to be WOW.

Lets take a look at the Youngstown Inn and Restaurant. Are they offering the experience that many ‘new breed’ of tourists are looking for?

Authentic – An 1810 Maine farmhouse built proudly upon two centuries of New England heritage. Located a bit off the beaten path on a serene country road.

mid-coast maine inn on a country road

Youngstown Inn

Accessible – All of mid-coast Maine is minutes from the Inn’s front door. Near quiet Lake Megunticook, sandy Linclonville Beach, Camden Harbor and it’s vibrant village. Camden is a major mid-coast Maine destination location. A great place to “stay and play.”

Enriching – “Will travel for food”. The Youngtown Inn’s restaurant creates cuisine that one could say enriches the soul. What food should do! New owners can create their own food scene in this 60 seat dining space. While on vacation isn’t it wonderful to dine, imbibe and stroll a few paces to your comfortable, clean and inviting guest room?

mid-coast Maine dining

Dining at the Youngstown Inn & Restaurant

Educational – A Day Trip to the island of Islesboro, an unspoiled Maine island with history. So near are: Farnsworth Art Museum, Owls Head Transportation Museum, Bay Chamber Concerts.

Entertaining – From the Inn you can hire a Model T Ford and take a short drive to the Cellardoor Winery and Vineyard. The driver is a local historian with character. The winery will also shuttle you back and forth. Have a tour of the winery, a tasting and ride back to the inn for dinner.


Mid-coast maine experience cellardoor winery

Cellardoor Winery & Vineyard. Minutes from the Youngstown Inn

New owners of the Youngstown Inn and Restaurant can experience the wonderful Maine mid coast lifestyle described here and own a business that is profitable and exciting. Dana Moos, The B&B Team Maine Inn Broker for this property has described the real potential for the Youngstown Inn as follows:

“New owners could enhance their outdoor space with a fire pit, particularly serving cocktails outside. There is a lot of land for events too. And it is a mile from Cellardoor Winery. Cellardoor will even shuttle people back and forth.”

mid-coast maine fire pit

Add a fire pit like this. A great additional experience.

Additional plusses that you don’t see in many properties:

  • Possible expansion of at least 4 rooms in another building on site.
  • Located on 5 acres.
  • An owner’s quarters house attached to the Inn building.

The Youngstown Inn and Restaurant offers a strong business and excellent reputation for fine dining and hospitality. Such a beautiful property and location that exceeds on so many levels. The Experience, the lifestyle and a true sense of place. Ready for new owners with energy, vision and a zest for food. We know you are out there!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

H is for Hipsters, Hepcats and Hippies

May 11th, 2012 by Janet Wolf

Travel & Leisure Magazine publishes an annual survey where their readers are invited to vote on ‘America’s Favorite Cities’. Recently the ‘winners’ of a sub category ‘America’s Best Cities for Hipsters’ was revealed. The survey participants were asked to rank 35 metropolitan cities on culturally relevant features like live music, coffee bars and independent boutique businesses. They also included the best micro-brews and the best places to view and connect with ‘offbeat’ and ‘tech-savvy’ locals. Remember when those ‘offbeat folks’ were tagged hepcats? A bit later in our history we got the hippies, thus the evolution to the term hipster. So who are today’s hipsters? Are they the Gen X & Y youth culture customers that is the hot topic of discussion among innkeepers as of late. Let’s take a look.

Every generation has a ‘youth culture’. In other words, hepcat or hippie we were all young once! But cultures evolve to what eventually becomes mainstream culture. For the Gen X & Y technology and the internet are at the center of their culture, they are intensely intertwined with their life. Technology unifies the culture of this generation and makes their life efficient.

Today’s youth culture is also seen as consumers. The focus here is to look at the Gen X/Y Hipster consumer’s wants and needs. We want to identify the how, what and why. This is tough because remember youth culture is continually evolving. The ‘how’ is pretty easy to identify, the internet, social media. The why and what is the moving target. Let’s go back to the Travel & Leisure survey, look at a few of the results which may give us a window into this generation’s consuming mind.

#1 – For those innkeepers located in and around Seattle you are once again at the top of the ‘where’ hipsters like to visit and live. Congratulations! You Seattleites have the edge on the smart and tech-savvy folks as well as high octane coffee. Example: The Walrus and the Carpenter, an oyster bar owned and operated by three Gen Yers offering ‘high quality food in a space that is stripped of pretense and feels like home.’ A hipster magnet!

The Walrus and the Carpenter owners Jeremy Price, Renee Erickson and Chad Dale

#2 – If Seattle is smart, Portland, OR is quirky with great beer, creative street food mixed in with bicycle enthusiasts. Example: Hopworks Bike Bar features stationery bikes that generate electricity for the pub and it is kid friendly. Tinker Toys is the proud sponsor for their pub’s play area. Quirky? Yes but in a real positive interpretation. It can be what makes Portland unique and fun to explore. So to all you quirky (and smart) Portland innkeepers, congrats on your #2 status.

Family Friendly Hopworks for Generation Z

#5 – The other Portland in Maine is a top winner in the food and beverage category which includes coffee and micro-brews. Example: Coffee by Design, a business started by two local Gen Xers with a focus on two of their passions, coffee and community. From a humble street front coffee house to five local shops and a flagship coffee shop in LL Bean, they have created a reason and multiple places for the hip to sip.

#6 – Providence ranks high in its mix of nerds and artists. Performance art and cafes are a great draw for RI hipsters to connect. Example: The Providence Geeks hub AS220. This is a center for concerts, lectures and classes. The Geeks goal is to ‘help RI digital innovators connect and collaborate’. To all the innkeepers in this small but mighty state, your nerd status is dully noted and appreciated. Nerds can be hipsters too!

A Happening at As220

A very interesting thread that runs throughout this survey is that this generational pull is toward places that have thriving and innovative entrepreneurial businesses. William Deresiewicz in his article ‘Generation Sell’ says; “Today’s ideal social form is not the commune or the movement or even the individual creator as such; it’s the small business. Every artistic or moral aspiration – music, food, good works, what have you – is expressed in those terms. The characteristic art form of our age may be the business plan”.

This says to me that the Gen X/Y Hipster is drawn to the new and innovative micro-brew, restaurant, coffee shop/barista and art gallery business because they may be or aspire to be entrepreneurs themselves. I find this very interesting. We know that it is imperative for the future of the small lodging business to market to this generation of youth consumer. We also see them as the innkeepers of the future. The B&B Team notices the interest in innkeeping increasing in this generation and it is very exciting to us.

To all the hepcats and hippies of the past who once claimed the realm of the hip, it’s not over yet! We may appear a bit mainstream to the Gen X/Y Hipsters but we recognize their innovation, their enthusiasm and their desire to view the future as a positive force. I see the entrepreneurial spirit in the Gen X/Y folks that attend our Better Way to Learn Seminars and the PAII Conferences and its real groovy.


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