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B&Bs For Vets-Honoring Their Sacrifices

August 23rd, 2017 by Janet Wolf

B&Bs for Vets 2016

B&Bs For Vets-Honoring Their Sacrifices

B&Bs for Vets 2017 is now in full swing, accepting B&Bs signing up to offer our veterans a minimum of one free night (or more). Have you signed up? If not take a look at the Innkeepers Information and please consider joining the growing group of inns thanking our veterans and the many sacrifices they make.

Found a great blog written by a woman who knows! Listing four major sacrifices our veterans face. Veterans put their lives in danger while life at home moves on without them. The joys of daily family life we civilians often take for granted.

Missing the birth of their baby is a definite number 1. Depending on where a new daddy is, communications can be sketchy. Their wives go into labor, give birth and they may have no way to contact them. Or they may have watched over video chat the birth but then not physically able to hold and touch their child.

Stress of not knowing the where and what of your service member’s status. Months may go by without a word, not knowing if the person you love is hurt or worse.

‘Normal’ life planning for veterans is challenging at best. Buying a home in a neighborhood of your choice for your children with good schools and securing roots in the community. Not happening for military families.

The ultimate sacrifice is the unthinkable but the reality. Saying goodbye, permanently, yet knowing full well that the ultimate sacrifice was for a cause they felt deeply about. A void to live with for the rest of the loved ones lives.

Thank you Rachel Engel for your blog; ‘4 major sacrifices military families make. It’s not just missing out on celebrating anniversaries and milestones.’ Her insights are close to home for her. Her writings specialize in military and military family issues. She lives in a military installation with her active duty military husband and children.

The B&Bs for Vets program is our industry’s humble way of saying thank you to our veterans for the multitude of sacrifices they make. ‘Sacrificing’ a room or maybe more on Veteran’s Day is our way of recognizing and honoring their many sacrifices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Because of where the holiday falls, we are asking innkeepers to give their free rooms away on November 9, 10 or 11, 2017 (innkeeper’s choice of dates).”

I will close with a quote from an innkeeper that hosted an ‘innfull’ of veterans last year.

“What we also did not imagine, was how rewarding, personally, doing this would be. We enjoyed pleasant conversation with the vets and spent hours talking with them about their experiences in the service. We look forward to participating in this program again next year. Thank you for providing the mechanism that makes this all possible.” Larry and Patricia Reynolds. Gracefield Hall Bed & Breakfast

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

A Visit to the New Mexico B&B Association on Veteran’s Day

November 18th, 2010 by Scott Bushnell

I had the good fortune last week to be invited to present at the New Mexico Bed & Breakfast Nancy and Scott at NMBBA Association meeting in Silver City, NM., a mining community in the Southwest corner of the state.

A full agenda…board of directors meeting, business meeting for the association, my presentation on Exit Strategies, a delightful social, a breakfast presentation by Marie Lanier on Social Media, and my final presentation on Inn Valuations, punctuated by visits to the vendor booths, made for a full and satisfying meeting.

Wow! …you talk about a difference in topography and flora between NM and the Eastern Shore of Maryland!  We must have crossed the Rio Grande six times on the trip (in a car on a bridge, not wading) and through Hatch, the world’s mega-center of chiles!  About 4 hours south of Albuquerque, in Silver City, the Inn on Broadway was host to our evening social of munchies and networking.

When Nancy and I took the photo above, little did I know I was stepping on little spikey-burrs that penetrated the soles of my shoes (Nancy called them Goat heads), which took a while to pull out when we got back to the Chocolate Turtle, the inn owned by Nancy and Dallas Renner located in Corrales, NM.

But after a long couple of days “working” in Silver City, the real pleasure was getting back to the inn.  You see, most of the inns in NM, including the Turtle, were participating in the “B&B’s for Vets” program on November 10, where veterans and active service members alike can stay at no charge…a  generous THANK YOU for their service.  Here is a photo taken the next morning of those serviceVeterans  members at the Chocolate Turtle.

From left to right:  Army Sgt. Ross Cox and his wife, Master Sgt (ret) Terri Cox; Senior Master Sgt Jody Martinez (Air National Guard) and his wife Sarah; Marine Corporal Brian Barela with wife Victoria and son Uriah.

Thank you for your service and to those family members at home who support our active and veteran service members.

As a veteran myself, I am proud to be a part of the innkeeping industry, a group of folks who really care about what is important.     Scott

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