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Starting a Bed and Breakfast?

There is no substitute for real life experiences! The B&B Team® promises you the Better Way to Learn Innkeeping™. You’ll learn the “ins and outs” of starting a bed breakfast from experts at our seminars and workshops.

Discover What You Need to Know Before Starting a Bed and Breakfast Venture

Starting or buying a bed and breakfast is a daunting task. With The B&B Team’s combined knowledge and experience in acquisition, valuation, financing, staffing, innkeeping and hospitality you will be fully immersed in an intensely informative three day seminar or (NEW!) one day workshop. You will leave with an understanding of the steps you need in buying or starting a bed and breakfast. You’ll also know why so many innkeepers establish long term relationships with The B&B Team® from education to acquisition to retirement.

We have been working with Aspiring Innkeepers since 1993 locally, regionally, and nationally and are pleased to offer Innkeeping seminars and one-day workshops for those who want to start a bed and breakfast or buy an inn. The B&B Team® offers three day seminars in locations ranging from Florida to Maine, New Jersey to Ohio, in addition to one day workshops in a variety of locations.

Spend an informative and fun weekend with us learning what you need to know before starting a bed and breakfast endeavor! To read what some of our recent attendees have said and some tips for aspiring innkeepers, click here. Do you want answers to some common questions about our seminars? Click here for FAQ’s. Read a real life story about this exciting career change.

Your inn seminar guides may include founding partner Peter Scherman and his wife, Peggy; partners and former innkeepers, Janet and Rick Wolf; or affiliates and brokers and former innkeepers, Scott and Marilyn Bushnell, Eliot Dalton, and Dana Moos. On a lighter note, you will enjoy the conversation and camaraderie with different experienced and successful innkeepers and your fellow attendees.


Presented by The B&B Team®, Scherman & Wolf
August 8-10, 2014, Waynesboro, VA
Iris Inn 

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As an Aspiring Innkeeper you need a clear vision of starting a bed and breakfast as a business and a lifestyle. In your seminar we will address and work with you to understand all aspects of this wonderful and rewarding career. Our goal is to insure that your goals are met as you work through the process. We will work with you to help you decide whether Innkeeping is the right profession for you, personally and financially. Your seminar provides a comprehensive overview of starting a bed and breakfast from Amenities to Zoning. Examples of the many essential “starting a bed and breakfast” topics we cover are:

  • Innkeeping 101 – industry overview
  • Building the profile of your inn – make it right for you
  • Due diligence – know before you buy
  • Finding and acquiring the inn – the process
  • Inn financing – what you need to know
  • Inn valuation – is the price right?
  • Business planning – your road map to success in starting a bed and breakfast
  • Marketing – blogging, social media, websites, print, networking
  • Operations – a day in the life of an Innkeeper

IMPORTANT: Please note that we offer a variety of types of instruction. Please read carefully about all three types of classes and select the one that best suits your timing, budget, interest level, and needs.

The weekend seminar package including instruction, workbooks, personalized follow-up consultation, meals, breaks, and wine and cheese reception is only $495.00 for two people or $375.00 for a single. Dinner our first evening together is fun and casual; Saturday night is a more upscale yet relaxed affair, and you are the guests of The B&B Team for both, plus your lunch on Saturday. The cost of your lodging during the seminar is additional, and we have negotiated a preferred rate for our seminar attendees. In addition to the seminar on starting a bed and breakfast itself, as a graduate you will be eligible for a personal, half day planning session with one of us at our office or over the phone. Upon confirmation of your seminar registration we will provide you with information as to making your lodging reservations. Each attendee is responsible for booking their room at the host inn by calling the inn. Tell them you are with The B&B Team’s seminar to get the preferred rate. Instructors: Scherman & Wolf or Bushnell & Bushnell.

Attendees for the weekend seminars should plan on checking in as close to 3:00 PM as possible as the Opening Session will begin at 4:00 PM Friday afternoon. Please plan on departing after 2:30 PM on Sunday if you participate in the local inn tours or around 12:30 if you can’t join us, or we are not conducting a local tour. Click here for a seminar agenda. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions you may have regarding this seminar and the other services we provide for Aspiring and Current Innkeepers.

The one day workshops include instruction, workbooks, lunch, and personalized consultation (on Sunday) for $99.00 for one person or $125.00 for two. This will be a fast-paced Saturday. We will cover the same material as in the full weekend seminar but without as much time for exercises, questions, and tangents. If you can’t spare a whole weekend, this is a great alternative, and we will schedule individual consultations on Sunday for those who want to stick around. Instructors: Scherman & Wolf or Bushnell & Bushnell.

Attendees for the one day workshops should plan on being at the host inn or class site by 8:00 AM on Saturday. We will start at 8:30 AM and run until 5:30 PM. We will have dinner as a group Saturday for those who want to join us for some casual time together (not included in registration fee). Attendees are encouraged to spend a night at our host inn, but this is not required.

New in 2014, Eliot Dalton will be offering one day intensive workshops. Limited to a maximum of 6 participants, these workshops are tailored to include participants’ individual scenarios, goals and questions while covering the essential topics of “starting a bed and breakfast”. A comprehensive survey and phone consultation prior to the workshop, as well as instruction, workbooks, lunch and a follow-up planning consultation are included for only $199 for one person or $225 for two. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to get behind the scenes at local inns during the weekend. The cost of your lodging is additional. Upon confirmation of your registration we will schedule your pre-session phone consultation and provide you with information as to making your lodging reservations. Instructor: Dalton.

Attendees for the one day intensive workshops should plan on being at the host inn by 8:30 AM on Saturday. We will start at 9:00 AM and run until 5:00 PM. Join us for dinner on Friday or Saturday (at your own expense) as a casual way to get to know one another better. You are encouraged to spend one or two nights at our host inn, as a fun part of your education

CLICK HERE to register for the Seminars and Workshops.


In all cases, please note the TYPE of seminar or workshop and the INSTRUCTORS to be sure you know what you are registering for!

2014 Upcoming Seminar Schedule

August 8-10, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Iris Inn - Waynesboro, VA – Scherman & Wolf
August 15-17, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Lucille’s Mountaintop Inn & Spa, Sautee, GA – Bushnell & Bushnell
September 12-14, WEEKEND SEMINAR -  Norfolk, Virginia – Sponsored by BBAV – Scherman & Wolf – NOTE: DIFFERENT SCHEDULE
September 20: ONE DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP– Captain Schoonmaker’s B&B, Hudson Valley, NY – Dalton – WAIT LIST ONLY
September 28: ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Orlando, Fl – Sponsored by the Florida Bed & Breakfast Associaiton – Scherman & Wolf
October 4: ONE DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP – Historic Smithton Inn, Lancaster County, PA – Dalton
October 4: ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Hampton Inn, BWI Airport, Linthicum, MD – Bushnell & Bushnell
October 25: ONE DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP – Genesee Country Inn – Hudson Valley, NY – Dalton
November 4: ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns – Toftrees Resort, State College, PA – Bushnell & Dalton
November 7-9, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Kennebunkport, ME – Scherman & Wolf
November 15, ONE DAY WORKSHOP- Inn at Cedar Falls – Logan, Ohio – Bushnell & Bushnell

To see where The B&B Team® will be speaking about starting a bed and breakfast and at conferences, please click here.


SOLD OUT June 28, ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Carlisle, PA – Bushnell & Bushnell
SOLD OUT June 7: ONE DAY WORKSHOP –  Rockport, MA – Scherman & Wolf
SOLD OUT May 17, ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Lambertville, NJ – Scherman & Wolf
SOLD OUT April 19: ONE DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP – Brandywine Valley, PA – Dalton
SOLD OUT April 4-6 WEEKEND SEMINAR – Kennebunkport, ME – Scherman & Wolf
SOLD OUT March 15, ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Logan, OH – Bushnell & Bushnell
SOLD OUT February 22, ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Metro Baltimore-DC area – Bushnell & Bushnell
February 22-23, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Bed & Breakfast Assoc. of Virginia, Richmond, VA – Scherman & Wolf
SOLD OUT February 8, ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Lambertville, NJ – Scherman & Wolf

SOLD OUT November 8-10, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Kennebunkport, ME – Scherman & Wolf
SOLD OUT November 9, ONE DAY WORKSHOP – Brandywine Valley, PA – Bushnell & Bushnell
SOLD OUT September 13-15, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Lake Lure, NC – Scherman & Wolf
SOLD OUT August 2-4, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Waynesboro, VA – Scherman & Wolf
SOLD OUT August 16-18, WEEKEND SEMINAR – Sautee, GA- Bushnell & Bushnell