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Summertime in Maine, and the Eatin’ is Easy

July 10th, 2018 by Janet Wolf

summertime in Maine, and the eatin' is easy

Summertime in Maine

While visiting Maine, what first comes to mind? Then what’s the next question of your host?  “Where can we get the best lobster and blueberry pie?” Welcome to summertime in Maine.

Let’s take a journey to the past and explore the culinary history of the lobster and the Maine blueberry.

“The Lobster is the most moral creature in the universe, though he doesn’t know it. He is also probably the best-tasting. He knows that very well, and that is why he makes it so hard for you to get him up off the deep ocean floor and out of his armored shell.”  Robert P. Tristram Coffin, Maine native, poet, essayist, lecturer and professor. 1892-1955

His writings of Maine farm and seafaring lifestyle are classic. Reading Coffin’s poetic words brings to light what life was like in Maine in simpler and hardier times.

Of his many books, Mainstays of Maine (published 1945) is a favorite, all about food, but not a cook book. The pages are filled with colorful recollections of family recipes, gatherings around food laden tables and folklore.

“…there is a lot in the weather and scenery of Maine, and the feel and look of the land and water.” Coffin

And what does the land and water produce in Maine? Lobsters and blueberries. Those culinary mainstays of Maine.

Here is Coffin’s recipe for Maine lobster.

Steam them on a fast fire for only 10 minutes. (Couldn’t get much simpler than that!)

In addition Coffin points out; “…you need only your two hands for shelling. And hunger!”

There is a messy etiquette to shelling, but once learned, it comes naturally. And it’s all worth the effort. Don’t wear your best attire. Those little plastic bibs or, better yet, large kitchen towels covering your front are a must.

As a side, maybe some local corn, drawn butter and a roll of paper towels. Followed by dessert, any sort containing Maine blueberries.



Put them and their colorful vigors into muffins or pies. Or have you ever tried them in a plain vanilla cake? They are something to make the heart flutter there. And, of course, a blueberry pie, if the crust is flaky as ribbon candy, is one of this world’s best things, eaten hot right out of the oven, with the berries all singing still at full cry. A blueberry needs heat to bring out its best points.” Coffin

It is not just about the food to complete a culinary experience, but the times and places where they happen. One special place is Monhegan Island. An island 12 mile off the coast of Maine.

“Among the most iconic sites on the entire coast, Monhegan is famous for its small, close-knit fishing industry and its reputation as a seasonal and year-round home to artists for more than four centuries.” Town of Monhegan Website

Summertime in Maine

Monhegan Island Harbor landing-Car free destination

In addition, “The island is surrounded with the Monhegan Lobster Conservation Zone, an area where only Monhegan fishermen can set traps, that was granted to the island by the state legislature. The legislature also granted Monhegan’s fishing fleet a special winter lobstering season in the 1930s.” Island Institute 

The island innkeepers live the Monhegan lifestyle and provide the island hospitality in the fairer months to the droves of tourists. Its summertime in Maine, and the livin’ is easy and eatin’ is good at The Monhegan House and Restaurant  “A place where the simple island life is made memorable.”

Summertime in Maine

The Monhegan House

The Monhegan House restaurant is a favorite of natives, tourists from all over the island and the Inn guests. The restaurant utilizes fresh and local ingredients. Lobsters! For a change of pace, The Novelty (behind the hotel) is open throughout the day and evening and offers delicious pizza, wraps and salads as well as an extensive selection of wine and beer.  We also offer hand-dipped Shain’s of Maine ice cream and house made bakery items.

Looking to live the simpler and hardier Monhegan Island lifestyle? Consider The Monhegan House- A Maine Island Inn for Sale. There could not be a better Maine location to experience what Robert P. Coffin wrote about so many years ago.

“For Maine ledges and Maine water are good things for the world to look at and feel.” Coffin

In addition, The B&B Team has many coastal Maine properties for sale.  21 in fact!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

PS- And thanks to my Aunt Hennie for teaching me the messy etiquette of hand shelling a lobster.


Inns for Sale in Maine-5 Reasons to Call The B&B Team

September 6th, 2016 by Janet Wolf

Innd for sale in Maine

WELCOME to The Way Life Should Be

Are you looking for Inns for Sale in Maine in your search as a future innkeeper? If so The B&B Team can help in so many ways. Let me count the ways! Let’s start with 5.

1. We have 23 listings, from southern coast to mid-coast, from ‘Down East’ to the lakes and mountains of western Maine.

2. Two experienced Maine brokers, Rick Wolf and Dana Moos who travel the state regularly and know ‘Vacationland’ and our client Inns up close and personal.

3. The B&B Team provides our buyer clients with credible valuations and analyses….from lifestyle to financially viable

4. Our guidance will help you invest wisely and avoid costly mistakes.

5. Living and working in Maine is ‘The Way Life Should Be’!

Let me give you a bit of background on that phrase, ‘The Way Life Should Be’.

An ad man from New Jersey was visiting a friend in Lubec Maine back in 1984. Now Lubec is way ‘Down East’, a beautiful coastal town, remote and quintessential. This sets you up for the scene…

Inns for sale in Maine

Lubec Maine

Out on a deck overlooking Passamaquoddy Bay the two friends see a lobster boat in the near distance. His friend waves and the lobsterboat draws up close. He offers them a few lobsters and continues on his way. Boiled fresh lobster (can’t get any fresher than that), a cold beer or two plus “making a mess with lobster juice and melted butter, tossing the shells over the railing down to the pebbly beach below where they were quickly snatched up by an alert gull.”

He sat back with thoughts of his 90 minute city commute and guess what thought came to his head? “Now this is the way life should be!” The scene fast forwards to our New Jersey ad man moving to Portland Maine and the phrase is picked up and takes on a life of its own. I-95 road signs and LL Bean T-shirts, pretty powerful PR.

The man’s name is Michael Townsend and is currently VP of Creative Services for Perry & Banks Integrated Sales and Marketing. In Maine of course. He believes one of the reasons the state adopted the phrase; “…anyone can ascribe their own meaning to it.”

I so agree. Our current Maine innkeeper clients and friends have adopted Maine as home with the realization that life is a lot slower, the air more breathable and the nights more sleepable (I know that is not a word!) And most of all, people love visiting Maine. 33 million people visited Maine in 2015 and paid accommodations were up 8% over 2014.” Carolann Ouellette, Director of Maine Office of Tourism.

Take a look at our Maine Inns for sale and consider a trip to start your search for inns for sale in Maine. Ascribe your own meaning to ‘The Way Life Should Be.’  The B&B Team can help guide your way.

In conclusion. Picture this…after your fresh lobster you indulge in a slice of our famous Maine wild blueberry pie. Crisp crust filled with those tiny bursting buds, deep purple-blue juice mingling with slowly melting vanilla ice cream. The Way Dessert Should Be.

inns for sale in maine

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

All Maine Points -The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale

August 21st, 2014 by Janet Wolf

The B&B Team Maine Inns for SaleAre you ready to take a journey to The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale? Lets go.

Why is Maine a dream location hot spot for aspiring innkeepers? Is it the vast acres of wilderness protected within the national and state parks?  Is it the crooked scenic miles of rocky shore? Is it lobster, moose?  Or is the lifestyle and potential bragging rights to be able to one day say; ”My home is Maine.”

The B&B Team is fortunate to represent a large variety of lodging properties in the state of Maine. Our current Maine Inns for Sale listings number 21.  Those are The B&B Team’s bragging rights and we work hard for those rights! Also for our clients and the small lodging industry nation wide.

Just like the different Maine regions, not one inn is alike. From the most luxurious indulgent inns to classic seaside cottages to historic country inns with unique dining, to timeless roadside cabins and motel units, the choices are varied and substantial.

There are seven regions in Maine. It is New England’s largest state. With 35,385 sq. mi, 83% of it forested. Measured from one end to the other is only 228 miles. But the shoreline measures 3,478 Miles. Odd? No, just look at the map. Population is 1,328,302, less than the population of New York City! Of course the population bulges with seasonal tourists and summer residents, a grand thing for those who do business in the state.

Let’s start the journey.

Maine Inns for sale

The views from The Inn at Moosehead Lake

Starting at the top, we visit Northern Maine which includes the Moosehead Lake area. One of the best Inns in the area is The Lodge at Moosehead Lake. The lure of the lake, adventure outings, lakeside dining completes the whole experience for guests. Plus a killer business and newly built post and bean lakeside owner’s house.

Moving clockwise we visit Down East. Lubec, the eastern most town in the US is where the Peacock House Bed and Breakfast resides. “Tourism is low-key yet wildly rewarding in this northern U.S. locale. Lubec’s historical harmony with the sea and its close ties to the Canadian Maritimes are securing its future.” Great quote from Fodors.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Peacock House Bed & Breakfast in Down East Maine

Travelling further down the coast we come to Mount Desert Island in the Acadia area. The town of Bar Harbor is well known for their B&B’s with Acadia National Park a prime draw, a true destination location.  The Graycote Inn is a well-established financially viable property in the heart of Bar Harbor. Three financially feasible Inns, Clark Point Inn, Coach Stop Inn and Maples Inn are property gems waiting for their next step.  The beauty of the area is overwhelming. To live and become a part of this business community is a dream that can come true.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale

Graycote Inn Bar Harbor Maine Inn for Sale

The East Penobscot Bay Region is home to Deer Isle and the Pilgrim’s Inn & Whale’s Rib Tavern. At true classic full service Inn in a most enchanting village location. Surrounding the Inn is an ‘intermingling of land and water with cove and lupine-fringed inlets’. A financially successful seasonal business with plenty of room for growth.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Pilgrim’s Inn Deer Isle Maine Inn & Restaurant for Sale

Moving on to the Midcoast Region, shall we? Starting in Lincolnville, a smidge north of Camden, you will find the Pine Grove Cottages. Classic Maine roadside cottages surrounded by tall pines yet on the coast. Best of both Maine worlds. Also in this locale is Abbington’s Seaview Motel & Cottages, a property just waiting for the right innkeepers to revitalize this prime location property.

The B&B Team Maine Inns

Pine Grove Cottages for Sale

Right next door, Camden, known as ‘The Jewel of the Maine Coast”. The Inns at Blackberry Commons come with a strong history of hospitality and the numbers to prove it. Classic Camden architecture, a jewel unto itself.  Next stop, set off Route One in Camden is a charming 4 guest room lifestyle bed and breakfast, Abigail’s Inn. Worth a look see! Take a short scenic drive from Camden central to the Youngstown Inn, a classic 1810 farmhouse inn and restaurant. Close to Lake Megunticock and the Cellar Door Winery, beautiful setting.

The B&B Team Maine Inn for Sale

The Inns at Blackberry Commons, Camden

Next stop, Rockport. The seaside Claddagh Motel & Suites with a superb business set by scenic Glen Cove. 19 units and a pool complete the experience.

Still exploring the Midcoast, a must see award winning luxury bed and breakfast located in Rockland. Twelve elegant guest rooms with a booming business in a booming active destination town. This well known and prime property will astound.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Prime Rockland Maine Bed & Breakfast for Sale

On the road again. Moving south on scenic coastal Route One with a stop in Wiscasset.  Known as “The Prettiest Little Village in Maine’.  Wiscasset Motor Lodge has excellent roadside visibility, a strong business, with 26 rooms and room for growth. Take a turn off of Route 1 in Wiscasset and travel down a winding country road to Westport Island and you will find a federal style farmhouse, unpretentious and loaded with charm. The Squire Tarbox Inn & Restaurant, 11 guest rooms with wonderful farm to table Maine dining. A truly idyllic historic Maine farm setting.

Maine Inns for sale

Squire Tarbox Inn-views from the back and the farmland beyond

A bit further south is The Inn at Bath. A grand Greek Revival 8 guest room profitable Inn. Spectacular gardens surround the property, a curb appeal that says ‘welcome’. Bath is known for its waterfront and maritime history. The downtown is vibrant and alive.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Inn at Bath

Let’s take a slight detour, shall we? The Kennebec Valley Region is home to Augusta, Maine’s state capital. Just minutes from the capital sits an idyllic historic farmhouse Bed and Breakfast & Conference Center. But wait…there are 30 acres plus a highly successful and strong conference, meetings and wedding event business.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Maine Bed & Breakfast and Conference Center in a grand farmland setting

Travelling due west we cross into the Western Mountains and Lakes Region. Home to Sebago Lake and a well- established profitable lakeside Maine Sebago Lake Region Resort. Families, couples and event attendees have enjoyed this Maine lakeside resort for decades. Naples is in the heart of this region. Here we find the Romah Motor Inn, a 9 motel unit property, well maintained and ideally positioned for growth.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Sebago Lake Region Resort for Sale-ah the lure of the lake

Last but oh, so not least we arrive in the Casco Bay Region. Home to Maine’s largest city, Portland and Freeport, home to LL Bean. Not far from this center of Portland’s bustling activity and tourism are Pine Crest Inn and 91 South Restaurant. A beautiful neighborhood bed and breakfast with a popular wine bar and dining venue.

The journey ends here but always keep in touch on our Maine Inns for sale page, there may be another road to travel and Maine Inn for sale to visit.

All of us at The B&B Team work hard at helping aspirers make those dreams come true, with a lot of reality thrown into the education mix! Interested in Maine or the other 22 states we have properties listed, take the first step. Attend a ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ seminar for aspiring innkeepers. After you will be ready to pursue the wonderful world of Innkeeping.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Cool Hunting in Lewiston/Auburn Maine

June 23rd, 2011 by Janet Wolf

Younger audiences are consumed with ‘cool hunting’ and Lewiston/Auburn Maine is cool. What is ‘cool hunting’? According to Wikipedia it is a term coined in the 1990s referring to a new breed of marketing professionals, called ‘cool hunters’. It is their job to make observations and predictions in changes of new and exciting cultural trends. So why is Lewiston/Auburn cool? They are Twin Cities that have reinvented themselves into a cultural force worth visiting and experiencing. They have everything young people are looking for, urban life, arts and culture, a riverfront, plenty of good restaurants and talented people as well as Bates College, a world class liberal arts school. One needs to go no further than their website L-A: It’s Happening Here! to understand its coolness.
The Economic Growth Committee has also created initiatives for young, creative entrepreneurs and is committed to helping them succeed. These initiatives recently brought in the Baxter Brewing Company started by a young man of 25, Luke Livingston. He has created the first craft brewery in New England to can its entire line of beers. From what I hear they are doing a great business with a growing distribution of their line throughout New England.

Up Up and Away in L-A

Baxter Brewing Co. Logo

Encouraging new creative businesses will ultimately encourage new young visitors to the area as well as those that are young at heart!  Visitors from all generations hunt for places to stay with an experience that they can tell their friends about, in other words bragging rights.  Ware Street Inn is the bed and breakfast in town that can promise the unique experience ‘cool hunters’ are looking for. This unique inn also offers an opportunity for new owner innkeepers to embrace and become a part of the lifestyle of this rising community. The B&B Team is proud to represent the Ware Street Inn for Sale. We believe the inn and the L-A community offers an exceptional opportunity and way of life that aspiring entrepreneurs of any age can embrace and make their own. Just take advantage of the links provided and you will discover for yourself. Its cool man.

Ware Street Inn Staircase. Look for the cool guy half way up!

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