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New Bern North Carolina

June 16th, 2016 by Janet Wolf

new bern north carolina

New Bern North Carolina Waterfront

If you like history, fine architecture, and the gracious ambiance of Southern living you will like New Bern North Carolina.

When a town has 300 years of history, where do you start? There are many stories that built New Bern. One is Pepsi Cola. A major brand that started humbly at a corner drug store with a recipe blend of carbonated water, sugar, pepsin, kola nut extract, vanilla and “rare oils”. Today you can relax and enjoy a Pepsi at the recreated soda fountain and purchase a souvenir, now part of a down town historic and architectural tour. Fun.

New Bern North Carolina

Always Hits the Spot Pepsi Cola

If cola history doesn’t ‘hit your spot’ then there is always the Civil War!  The New Bern North Carolina Battlefield Park is a historic site that includes more than 30 acres of the original battlefield used during the Battle of New Bern, which took place between Union and Confederate forces on March 14, 1862. Not a Civil War buff? Let’s go shopping then.

Taking a look at the shops in New Bern North Carolina and nearby Havelock, there is enough variety and fun local wares to keep a shopaholic busy for days. From fun colorful women’s clothing at Peacock’s Plume to Snap Dragon, a great old school local toy store.

New Bern North Carolina

New Bern North Carolina Downtown

Restaurants on the water, music events with name as well as popular local band concerts, historic sights, state of the art museums and outdoor spaces to hike and bike, New Bern and the outlying area has it all.


So what makes this town special? You can find destination tourist locations that have similar draws all over the south. It becomes special when you are there for a weekend getaway or extended stay and can experience each place you visit with your eyes and ears and no one else. You make it your own.

That is also why many people stay at B&B’s. The Aerie Bed & Breakfast is a New Bern North Carolina in town B&B with that gracious ambiance of Southern living that travelers seek. Located within the historic district of New Bern. A block walk to the historic waterfront where the beautiful Trent and the Neuse Rivers meet as well as all those great shops and restaurants mentioned.

New Bern North Carolina Bed & Breakfast

Aerie Bed & Breakfast


New Bern North Carolina tours

Aerie Bed & Breakfast Tours in their Model A Ford

The Aerie Bed and Breakfast is also a great place to gather authentic travel experiences. Current innkeepers give personal tours in their 1920’s Ford and a pontoon boat.  Great innkeepers that love to create those personal experiences (for them as well as the guests!).

The B&B Team is offering the Aerie Bed and Breakfast for sale. As new innkeepers of the Aerie you can add your own creations and make it your own. And…In a beautiful North Carolina southern town where ‘patriots gathered and George Washington danced’. Now that is something I would like to experience.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Hendersonville, North Carolina-Two Inns with True Southern Comfort

July 2nd, 2013 by Janet Wolf


Average temperature in the summer months is 73◦ and never gets below 30 ◦ in the winter. It is called ‘The City of Four Seasons’ for that very reason. There are seven historic districts and eight public parks. It is nestled between two extraordinary mountain ranges, Blue Ridge and the Great Smoky. And…The B&B Team is offering two lovely B&B’s for sale in the heart of town.

The Waverly Inn and the Claddagh Inn are located next to each other in the Main Street Historical District. Steps from downtown Hendersonville. The southern architectural charm and quiet comfort of these two inns is apparent with their verandas, rockers and shaded surroundings. Unlike other historic houses that have been converted to lodging, the Waverly and Claddagh have been welcoming guests through their doors for over one hundred years. Both have seen life as guest houses or boarding houses. If walls could talk!

The Waverly inn

The Waverly inn

Claddaugh Inn Veranda

Claddagh Inn

Hendersonville takes pride in their history and downtown restoration has been very active starting in the 1990’s. The streets are alive with color, music, food, homegrown locals and tourists all year round. Your senses are stimulated, always something to do and see.  Hendersonville and nearby Asheville are vibrant and happening towns. Both young people and retirees have populated the area and have contributed to the growth of businesses. An abundance of good restaurants, unique arts and crafts, both new and traditional. The area has a real cosmopolitan feel with true southern comfort.

The opportunity for prospective buyers who are thinking of purchasing a larger property is huge. Purchase both Inns and the room number adds up to 31, or purchase just one. A real opportunity for a strong business in a strong destination location and a great place to live.

Historic Downtown Hendersonville

Historic Downtown Hendersonville

In the latest edition of Blue Ridge Magazine Hendersonville was voted Silver for the Best Small Town (population less than 25,000) and Silver for Best Main Street and Platinum for Best Retirement Town. Way to go!

Great place to live and do business and the weather is fine, just checked it is 72° on this fine July day!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


Rosemary House Bed & Breakfast

December 7th, 2012 by Janet Wolf

Rosemary House Bed and Breakfast, North Carolina

The Rosemary House Bed and Breakfast ,what a perfect name for a B&B because rosemary means remembrance and friendship, the essence of what B&B hospitality is all about. Add some southern charm, lazy days on a front porch rocker shaded by gigantic sugar maples and you have The B&B Team’s newest Inn for sale. Smack dab in the middle of North Carolina, the Rosemary House Bed & Breakfast is located in the small but mighty interesting town of Pittsboro, North Carolina. I love when we get a new listing and I can delve into some research on the location, usually a place I have never visited. And this location has ‘come for a visit’ written all over it! I have discovered that many people do visit and many of them stay at the Rosemary House. It is a successful business in a prime location. Who could ask for anything more? One aspect I liked about the town of Pittsboro specifically is the historic preservation of it’s downtown. The S&T Soda Shoppe is a great example and offers a real nostalgic pull. Give me a stool at a vintage marble counter, a hamburger and fries in a red plastic basket and a hand made milkshake and I’m a happy girl.

S & T Soda Shoppe

Sorry I don’t have a link to their website because they don’t have one, that’s how old fashioned they are!

Pittsboro is just outside of Chapel Hill, home of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and UNC Health Care. The town and surrounding area has a vibrant music scene, great restaurants and for you golfers, five courses. We all know that innkeeping is not for retirees even though many aspiring and new innkeepers are rumored to be in that general age bracket! But all the attractions and services mentioned here are what retirees often look for in a lifestyle change. The B&B Team believes that innkeepers can enjoy the merits of both lifestyles. Own and profit from a business like the Rosemary House and enjoy the pastime pleasures of almost year round golf, great home grown local southern flavors, the cultural attractions of a vibrant university town and a good milkshake.

Southern Lifestyle, Rosemary House style!

No mater what your age chronologically, the Rosemary House Bed and Breakfast is a great opportunity. A manageable B&B of a lifestyle size with financially viable income. The B&B Team is proud to represent this lovely Inn that represents the essence of remembrance and friendship.

Thanks for listening

Janet Wolf

Lake Lure… Carolina On My Mind

October 9th, 2009 by Janet Wolf

Ken Burns most recent documentary series, National Parks-America’s Best Idea, is a brilliant assemblage of stories full of mystery, suspense and adventure, definitely not a tired travel log.  In the last episode of the twelve part series that covers the years from 1945-1980, the focus is on the American tourist that is keen on getting out and exploring their country. There was a renewed sense of wanderlust in those post WWII years and vacationing in our national parks was the perfect place for young families to enjoy themselves easily and affordably.  Beyond 1980 and into the present, we see a renewed wanderlust, where today’s contemporary traveler is searching for meaningful getaways and experiences that promote togetherness among travelers and for destinations that encourage connections to nature, history, or culture. 

What better way to connect with nature than with a visit to one our treasured parks and rediscover what many US travelers have ignored over the past years as they trekked off to Europe or vacationed in high priced island resorts.  Yet beyond our National Parks, and often right next door, there are countless areas of quiet, peaceful scenic beauty that await our visits, places that renew our spirit and make that connection to nature and history so genuine.  There is one place that has been a retreat for the soul for countless generations of travelers from the Cherokee to today’s contemporary destination seeker, Lake Lure, North Carolina.

Janet Wolf

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