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Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’

June 1st, 2015 by Janet Wolf


Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay

Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’. Legend has it (with some truth thrown in) that it was some advertising execs associated with the National Brewing Co. in the 1950’s that were flying over Chesapeake Bay on a brilliant sunlit day, one of the execs commented, “This place is the land of pleasant living.” A slogan was born and a brand enhanced. Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living' If you are from or have visited Maryland you know what brand this slogan was attached to…beer.  Natty boh (National Bohemian) is still popular and consumed with pride. Even though it is not produced in Baltimore anymore, over 90% of sales still go to Baltimore.

But I am not writing this to promote ‘ol Natty, even though I plan to try one with some steamed crabs smothered in Old Bay next time I visit Maryland. This writing will feature some of The B&B Team’s very pleasant Inns for sale in Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’. Our Inns for sale in Maryland all have their own brands and they all have distinct local flavors of their own with diverse locations in Maryland. Since those ad execs flew over Maryland those many years ago to view the beauty of the state, come fly with me, I bet the views haven’t changed that much.

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grave, Maryland

Starting at the northern tip of the bay is the historic waterfront town of Havre de Grace, where the Susquehanna River joins into the Chesapeake Bay. The town was named in 2014 by as one of America’s Best Small Towns. The Vandiver Inn, a beautiful painted lady 1886 mansion that is a combination of B&B lodging, gourmet catering and special events packages. The Inn’s business is tight and profitable and right in the heart of this Maryland small town with all the local flavors available in very close proximity.

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Blue Door on Baltimore

Zip across the bay to Baltimore and look for a blue door. A 1907 row house in the historic Butchers Hill district is the location of the Blue Door on Baltimore, a charming small and chic urban B&B. If you a seeking a smaller, manageable-sized inn, with incredibly strong business activity, the Blue Door on Baltimore Bed and Breakfast Inn is a must see!

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Brampton Inn, Chestertown, Maryland

Fly in a direct course east over the bay to Chestertown and you can view the Brampton Inn. You will see a ‘very pleasant’ 20 acres with a 19th century plantation home and secluded cottages. The Inn is a true luxury retreat and very successful financially viable business (can’t see that from the air but it is there!) A true countryside oasis that features two barns and original carriage house, all great backdrops and settings for the event and wedding part of the business.

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Lazyjack Inn on Tilghman Island

Flying south along the eastern shore of the bay you can observe the picturesque towns of Kent Island, St. Michaels, Easton and Oxford to Tilghman Island. This Maryland island is known for its seafood, hospitality, and boating opportunities. The island boasts several marinas and excellent sport fishing.  The Lazyjack Inn is located on the waterfront in the heart of it all. A small ‘pleasant living’ B&B yet financially viable which is perfect for someone seeking a smaller property that makes money!

Maryland 'Land of Pleasant Living'

Lake Pointe Inn on Deep Creek Lake

We have one more fly over, so fasten your seat belts. The mountains of western Maryland offer a very different terrain, add a lake or two and rivers and you can see how diverse Maryland is. Deep Creek Lake Inn is a favorite for guests from Washington, DC, Baltimore, and the Pittsburgh area. Vacationers seeking the outdoor adventures of the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland. The area offers four seasons of recreation. Fabulous for business!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I have had a very pleasant time. Also I hope you will consider Maryland ‘Land of Pleasant Living’ when seeking your future Inn, along with a natty boh and those crabs.

maryland crabs

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Weddings at the Inn-Intimate or Ultimate

June 13th, 2014 by Janet Wolf

Weddings at the Inn

Blessing of the rings-Kristie Rosset officiating at Lookout Point Lakeside Inn

Many Bed and Breakfasts have great settings for weddings at the Inn. Most innkeepers say they have been approached at least once by couples inquiring about their Inn as a possible venue for their nuptials. Whether it is a rustic picturesque barn, landscaped garden with views or perhaps an outdoor amphitheater or gazebo, it is the uniqueness that is appealing.  Bed and Breakfasts and country Inns are a natural. With larger banquet halls and hotel event spaces, the ‘natural’ has to be artificially created. Not so appealing!

If you are an aspiring innkeeper that has pondered the idea of adding weddings to your business plan, read on.

In the 2010 Innkeeping Quarterly, the cover story was ‘The Rise of the Small Wedding’. In 2014 the trend is still around and growing. The B&B Team has a number of properties listed for sale that do weddings from small to large, the intimate and the ultimate. I talked with a few experienced innkeepers about their weddings at the Inn. Here is what they have to say about the subject.

Kristie Rosset is the owner/innkeeper with her husband Ray of Lookout Point Lakeside Inn in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She is also an ordained United Methodist clergyperson. A quote from Ray; “She truly enjoyed officiating at weddings. With her experience, she understood that she could help couples create a meaningful and beautiful wedding that might ‘feel’ like a church wedding, but the setting would be outdoors in a beautiful lakeside garden.” Their specialty is small intimate weddings, nothing over 50 people.

Having policies and contracts in place before the first wedding is booked is very important.   From the Rossets; “A solid contract is critical-even for elopements! The only way weddings can work well and efficiently is through great communication in writing through a rock-solid contract that both parties sign. When we are clear (and caring!) from the beginning of the wedding conversation, we protect ourselves and our inn from being taken advantage, we are seen as professionals, and we expect the highest standards of behavior from our guests. It’s a win-win.” Tip: They say they are happy to share their contract with anyone!


Weddings at the Inn, hawthorn Inn, Camden Maine

Hawthorn Inn wedding setting

Innkeeper Maryanne Shanahan of the Hawthorn Inn in Camden Maine did not plan to have weddings at her Inn when she became an innkeeper over 12 years ago. But her first guests often told her that the Hawthorn Inn would be perfect for weddings. Voila, June 2002 twenty-two people booked the entire inn and her wedding business began. She advises to communicate with the couple face to face about what type of wedding they want, aka, their vision. If Maryanne doesn’t think she can deliver she will be forthright and gently tells them they may want to look elsewhere. Tips: She likes to encourage afternoon weddings followed by a brunch. Easier and less expensive for all involved. The smaller groups of about 20 are more manageable but her outdoor weddings can accommodate up to 80.

Weddigngs at the Inn

Wedding setting. Rustic and picturesque barn at the Brampton Inn, Eastern Shore of Maryland

Danielle Hanscom, innkeeper of the Brampton Inn in Maryland started ultimate and ended up only doing intimate weddings of up to 20 people. She said her earlier experiences with large weddings were not only stressful for her but stressful on the property. Innkeepers must respect their septic systems! She also commented on stiletto heels on old original hardwood floors that caused significant damage. Something she said she had not thought of. Live and learn. Temporary runners would be a suggestion. She books about 30 small weddings a year. She says this is a manageable number for the Brampton Inn. Tips: Make sure your electrical system is up to date and can handle extra loads for outdoor lighting and music amplifiers. Control the noise levels and adhere to any local ordinances.

The three inns interviewed have chosen the intimate wedding venue route. For the property and for the innkeepers this was their choice.  Not that a small wedding can’t be the ultimate in experience as well as a great source of extra revenue. The celebratory nature of the bed and breakfast business is both fun and a profit maker. Return guests, you bet. The married couples often return year after year on their anniversary. The celebration continues at the Inn well after ‘I do’.!

A wonderful side note: Maryanne and now husband Bill were married at the Hawthorn Inn in 2007. They call it ‘a perfect partnership for the Inn’.

Weddings at the Inn

Maryanne and Bill. Love is lovelier the second time around at the Hawthorn Inn, Camden Maine


The goal is not the size of the weddings but the commitment to make your Inn’s intimate weddings the ultimate in experience as well as revenue and good will.  As the Rossets said. It’s a win-win.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Spring Break 2014

March 4th, 2014 by Janet Wolf

Hidden BeautySpring break 2014 is almost here. Kids may be planning trips to warmer climes but what about your stressed and time deprived adult guests? They need their own spring break 2014 and what better place than at your Inn.

Most of us (The B&B Team included!) have had a really long and more trying then usual winter. Before that first crocus pops through the snow let your loyal return and potential new guests know what you have in store for them. Don’t wait too long. Most folks I know are craving warmer weather and will want to plan something NOW to look forward to.

Here is what the Hermann Hill Inn in Hermann Missouri has proposed.

“The spring season is upon us, and our guests tell us it’s a perfect time to reconnect with each other and all that Hermann Hill has to offer. We always strive to provide our guests the amenities to create lasting memories. We love to hear from our guests about their experiences while staying at Hermann Hill and want to help create these memories for all guests! In 2014 we are asking guests to tell us the things they did while staying at Hermann Hill and the memorable times they shared together! We plan to share these moments with all of our guests in hopes of creating new memories that can be enjoyed together for years to come. Each month in 2014 we will choose two winners to win a $100 gift certificate.”

One of the many 'cacooning amenities at Hermann Hill Inn

One of the many spring break 2014 amenities at Hermann Hill Inn

This offering by the Hermann Hill Inn is a year long, ongoing special  But… I just saw it on their most recent blog posting. They make it current by posting the most recent winners comments. These comments are current, real, first hand experiences. Reading them makes the experience come to life and encourages readers to book and make their own memories. Brilliant!

Inn at English Meadows private bungalow

Private bungalow at the Inn at English Meadows.

Most Inns have romance packages that may include spa treatments, gift certificates for dinner, breakfast in bed and chocolates, flowers. The list goes on. Whether they are packaged together or add-ons, these offerings are great. They are expected at a B&B. But did you notice that Hermann Hill wasn’t offering anything more than what they give their guests 24/7, 365 days. Which is pretty fabulous by the way! What they are offering is the opportunity to win a $100 gift certificate that will give the guests an incentive to return and the Inn a return visit. Again, brilliant.

Brampton Inn

Brampton Inn Maryland. Private cottage oasis.

This kind of incentive package can be enjoyed any time of year. Stay in, reconnect and rejuvenate, get out for a bit then back to the cocoon. So anytime of year may be the perfect time but… spring is upon us. So get your word out now. You have great rooms, great breakfasts, luxury amenities, interesting things to do in your area. So many reasons to stay and take that B&B Spring Break 2014.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


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