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Moosehead Lake-Maine Tourism Region

February 8th, 2018 by Janet Wolf

Moosehead Lake Region Maine

Moosehead Lake-Maine Tourism Region. Photo by Peter Frank Edwards

What is the top industry in your state? Do you know? In Maine it is tourism.  The Maine Office of Tourism is very robust and they work hard at promoting and expanding Maine’s top industry. Their Marketing Partnership Program provides marketing funding to the eight Maine designated tourism regions in the form of grants.

The recipients of grants range from the Whoopie Pie Festival (don’t laugh, it is a big whoopie in the state), to the Portland Bach Experience.

Moosehead Lake-Maine Toruism region


A grant was awarded to Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce, (a nice 4 figure amount!). The Moosehead Lake Region, located in The Maine Highlands (Bangor-Katahdin-Moosehead Lake) is one of the eight Maine tourism regions. All 8  regions have their own flavor, their own merits and their own attractions to tourists. Moosehead Lake Region is no exception.

 Congratulations to the chamber, we all need a boost at times. Visitors flock to the region in all seasons but there is always room for more. Bring them on.

One of the great things about the Moosehead Lake Region is the diverse choice of adventures available. From hardline to soft. Since it is February lets’ talk about winter. You can snowshoe, ride the snowmobile trails or…attend a Pig Roast & Bonfire and the 14th Annual Moosehead Lake Chocolate Festival or…attempt all four!

But if you like to have someone else do all the planning, let me count the ways. Many of the Inns in the Moosehead Lake Region offer packages that arrange your adventures for you.

Example package offered by The Lodge at Moosehead Lake


Immerse yourself in the North woods of Maine with an experience you will long remember. This intimate Adventure Lodge has just what the outdoor junky is looking for.

This 4 nights & 3 full days package includes:

  • Day 1: Enjoy scenic one-hour seaplane ride to the tip of the Penobscot River; includes canoe ride to Lobster Lake, hiking, fishing, exploring and a delicious fireside lobster or steak dinner cooked shore side by your private Registered Maine guide (full day trip)
  • Day 2: Full-day whitewater rafting including lunch, back by 4:00
  • Day 3: Complete hiking instructions to Gulf Hagas with picnic lunch – be sure to bring a camera and water shoes to cool off in the river
  • DINNER: One night at the lodge, three course meal in the Lakeview dining room on day other than Fly-In canoe trip. (Alcohol not included.) Lodge serves Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings.
  • Gourmet breakfast every morning
  • Lodge at Moosehead Lake Tote bag as a memento
Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake, Greenville Maine

Maine is also fortunate to have active Maine Guides that offer a variety of tours. Innkeepers in the region partner with the guides to create some wonderful outdoor adventures. Maine Guides are “recognized around the world as the gold standard in outdoor skills and knowledge.” They have been around since 1897! They are a treasured part of Maine tourism. 

In my most recent blog on destination locations I mentioned that destination locations are not only good for tourism but can be a terrific place to live, raise a family, own a business, as well as visit.

Moosehead Lake

Greenville Inn-Moosehead Lake Country Inn

The B&B Team invites you to explore our two properties for sale in Greenville, Moosehead Lake. The Lodge at Moosehead Lake and The Greenville Inn.

The Lodge at Moosehead Lake

In addition The B&B Team recently sold the Chalet Moosehead Lakefront Motel.  New innkeepers with their family will be welcoming guests this coming spring.

Live the robust life in a robust Maine tourism region. The B&B Team is here to help pave your way.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


Charlottesville Virginia-Destination Location with a Capital C

February 2nd, 2018 by Janet Wolf

Destination location

Charlottesville Virginia-Destination Location

Charlottesville Virginia is a true destination location. What is a destination location? Here is how we describe it in our world of hospitality.

A tourism area where people want to come and is easily accessible.

An area with a well-established ‘name’ or identity.

The B&B Team represents a first-class collection of properties for sale in some prime destination locations.

Let’s talk about Charlottesville. I’ll throw out a few phrases that spell well-established identity with a capital C for Charlottesville and the surrounding Virginia countryside.

Charlottesville Virginia-Destination Location

Monticello-Charlottesville Virginia

Monticello – Historic Home of Thomas Jefferson

University of Virginia

Shenandoah National Park

Blue Ridge Mountains

Historically, Monticello is up there as at the top as a historic destination location. Even if folks are not history buffs, learning about Thomas Jefferson on his home turf is a lesson worth learning all over again. His Virginia home tells the story of the man, his ideals and the way of life once lived in Virginia in the formative years of our Nation’s birth.

Charlottesville virginia-Destination Location

Charlottesville Virginia-University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is an architectural masterpiece. Designed by Thomas Jefferson. Regarded as one of the most beautiful and prestigious universities in the world. Along with Monticello it is a World Heritage Site, people travel all over the world to visit these sites.

Charlotteville virginia

Skyline Drive-Shenandoah Valley

Charlottesville Virginia, easily accessible? You bet. The vistas, byways and highways of the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains are travelled and marveled at by thousands annually. On route to Charlottesville by automobile? Example… from Washington DC the Skyline Drive route takes you through Shenandoah National Park along the tips of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Did you know that this type of road trip is referred to as ‘skidriving’?  New one on me! Charlottesville, by the way is numbered among the one-of-a-kind mountain towns along this route. More of a small city I think, but with the charm of a hometown. Possibly your new hometown?

When I mentioned the definitions of a destination location there is one point I left out. Easily accessible, well-established identity plus…a great place to live and own a business.

The Foxfield Inn-Charlottesville Virginia

The Foxfield Inn is a Charlottesville Virginia bed & breakfast located in the area’s hunt country. Thanks to its Charlottesville Virginia destination location, the business is solid and profitable with room to grow. Annualized occupancy is above 50% with an enviable ADR around $250.00. With five guest rooms and private owner’s quarters and a wonderful kitchen. It is a charmer.

By the way, Charlottesville weather is, as one native describes, ‘mostly wonderful’. Summer highs average in the mid-eighties and winter average in the low to mid-forties. Can it get hotter and colder? Hey it’s weather, you can answer that.

Oh, and if your guests don’t like ‘skidriving’, Charlottesville has a top-notch airport and thruways for fast tracking.

We welcome you to give us a call. For details about The Foxfield Inn, please contact the exclusive listing broker, Peter Scherman, 434-286-4600 of The B&B Team, Inc.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


Prescott Arizona- Golden Opportunity

April 14th, 2016 by Janet Wolf

Prescott Arizona-Golden Opportunity

Prescott Arizona Golden Sunset

Prescott Arizona markets itself as ‘true west’. The city’s old west history lore is classic pulp fiction material. Famous ‘Whiskey Row’ had 40 saloons and ‘ol Virgil and Wyatt Earp called Prescott home before moving on to Tombstone. Gold was discovered in 1864 that created this northern Arizona boom town but another reason Prescott Arizona is golden is the climate. Located in a forest bowl 5,300 feet above sea level results in 4 mild yet distinct seasons. Average temp, you guessed it, 70◦! The golden sun shines often upon Prescott.

Prescott, like many western boom towns, survived economic slumps and a 1900 fire that destroyed most of those 40 saloons! Communications (and sobriety) grew when the Arizona Central Railway connected Prescott to the Atlantic and Pacific. Railroads bring people and people bring prosperity. Fast forward to today and Prescott is considered one of the top emerging metropolitan cities in the US.

Prescot Arizona-Golden Opportunity

The railroad comes to Prescott!

Tourism is also golden in Prescott. The combination of western history, historic preservation of the downtown and outlying historic neighborhoods, climate and outdoor recreation is a perfect mix.

Spectacular scenery too! Mountains, lakes, Ponderosa pines and painted deserts surround the city.

Prescott Arizona-Golden Opportunity

Prescott Arizona Lake

Imagine travelling on an Arizona highway in the 1950’s and stopping at a quaint old farmhouse with ‘modern’ guest units. Back then the Prescott Pines Motel, neon signs and all, enticed weary travelers along SR Route 89 with ‘refrigerated’ rooms and sparkling clean kitchenettes.

Prescott Arizona-Golden Opportunity

1950’s Prescott Pines Motel

Today…Prescott Pines Inn Bed & Breakfast has transformed the once simple roadside hostelry into a truly special and unique bed and breakfast Inn. In total there are 5 buildings, each with its own character. Quaint cottages and guest rooms with private porches, century old shade trees and patios, add a fountain, veranda and fireplaces and the package is complete. Prescott Pines Inn is located minutes from downtown and Whiskey Row. Guests can still enjoy a shot or two but the Whiskey Row Pubs, craft beer and live music is the draw today.

Prescott Arizona-Golden Opportunity

Prescott Pines Inn Today

The B&B Team is pleased to offer the Prescott Pines Inn for sale. The combination of location, thoughtful branding by current innkeepers, and superior personalized service have allowed this unique B&B to prosper with solid revenues leaving room to grow. This profitable inn is priced right and is financially viable.

Prescott Pines Inn-Golden Opportunity

Prescott Pines Inn-Golden Opportunity

Prescott Pines Inn is the golden opportunity that awaits new owners. Travel the road west (or east) and we wish happy trails to you.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Green Living Lodging

February 18th, 2016 by Janet Wolf

green living lodging

Birchwood Lodge & Farmette cottage

Kermit the Frog once reflected in song that it wasn’t easy being green. Today Kermit would be a great spokesfrog for living green and promoting eco-friendly practices. Green is in! Go Kermie.

There is an increasing interest in staying in lodging that is more sustainable. Starting in 2013 Trip Advisor launched its GreenLeaders program.

‘The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Program showcases a variety of eco-friendly hotels and B&Bs, from budget to luxury – and they’re all committed to green practices like recycling, local and organic food, and electric car charging stations.’

Back in 2013 ‘Travelocity polled consumers about their usage of the new site, results showed that 23% of respondents had made a deliberate choice to go eco-friendly in their travel choices, and 85% felt better about their trip after doing so.’

Now 2013 stats are ancient history but eco-friendly and green living practices are growing and I am sure the percentages are much higher today. I personally like seeing the separate recycling receptacles in the guest rooms. I love hearing about the local food used in the breakfast. From solar panels, rain barrels to eco-friendly toiletries, it’s all good. In addition, the Tesla and electric charging stations being installed in Select Registry Inns is a great example of a forward looking green living vision for hospitality.

Birchwood 68

On the coast of Maine, the Birchwood Lodge & Farmette is a property that is hyper green living, hyperlocal with a real sense of place. It started as a 1940’s era roadside motel with location, location, location. On scenic Route One in Camden with water views of Penobscot Bay. Current innkeepers purchased this basic roadside motel fourteen years ago. They had a vision and the evolution into what Birchwood Lodge is today is a beautiful thing.

green living

Guest rooms all have Pergo floors, platform beds and clean line simplistic furnishings

Here are a few quotes from an article ‘Maine hotels find what’s good for Earth is good for business’. Birchwood Lodge innkeepers Simon and Jenny were interviewed.

“Simon leads a visitor around the back of the low-slung motel and past a flock of curious chickens to show off a big red barn built next to the pond the Simons made to collect storm water runoff.  Because of the barn, those rows and rows of vegetables and fruit bushes and trees planted behind the motel made visual sense.  We say we’re a ‘farmette,’” Simon said with evident satisfaction.

The rules in the garden are simple. “Can we use it for something or can nature use it for something?” she said. “Otherwise, why is it here?”

Penobscot Bay Views from the Birchwood Lodge & Farmette

Penobscot Bay Views from the Birchwood Lodge & Farmette

These quotes really give you a true picture about the innkeepers and their green living lodging misson. And the photos tell a truer story, and they don’t lie!

Green living is not only about best practices but also about savings (money as well as compost!). The Birchwood is partially sustained using solar panels that have cut the property’s oil usage by 2/3.

In conclusion, more words from Kermit…

green living

‘I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful!’

Green’s the color of Spring. And green can be cool and friendly-like.

And green can be big like the ocean, or important like a mountain, or tall like a tree

I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful! And I think it’s what I want to be.

The Birchwood Lodge & Farmette in Camden is a property for sale by The B&B Team that not only celebrates green living and best eco-friendly practices but surrounds itself with the beauty of green, ‘cool and friendly like’. If you are a buyer that is looking to establish yourself in Maine in a lodging business that is ready for you to embrace and make your own, then this may be your opportunity. Green also means GO!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Purchasing Your Inn-Price vs Affordability

October 20th, 2015 by Janet Wolf

Purchasing your inn Price vs affordability

You’re looking online at Inns for sale and your focus is only on the asking price. The price you THINK you can afford. Does this sound familiar? Price vs affordability…did you know that there is a very real possibility that the lower priced inns “may” cost you “more” than the higher priced ones? Sometimes the less expensive properties could be harder to finance because of limited business value.

Here is a simple scenario.

There are two inns. One is $500,000 and the other is $1,000,000. Both have 9 rooms, similar size and location. The $500,000 inn generates revenues of $75,000. Because of the low cash flow the banks will most likely want a high down payment percentage. Let’s say 50% which would make it $250,000 down.

The $1,000,000 inn generates revenues of $200,000. Banks like this! Solid business with good cash flow. A bank will most likely require a 20 to 25% down payment of $ 250,000. So the same $250,000 down buys you substantially more revenues and substantially more profits and all in all a better use of your monies with a greater return.

For the same amount of down payment buyers can acquire the $1,000,000 solid financially viable property with a solid cash flow from day one. The under performing $500,000 inn may take up to a year or more to increase the business with a much larger up front and ongoing investment of cash.

There are some details that a buyer must also look at in the under-performing properties.

  • Owner’s quarters. Is it a one room apartment in the basement?
  • Website. Is it a 10 year old site with bad photos?
  • Marketing. Is the inn virtually invisible?
  • Décor. Is it dated and tired?
  • Deferred maintenance. This will be discovered in a building inspection. But if you see a lot of visible “issues” it most likely means there may be more hidden ones!

All the five points are things that will have to be addressed by new owners and they all add up to a big price tag. Conclusion: that $500,000 price tag doesn’t seem quite so affordable does it? It may still be a good investment long term, but you may not be able to afford that investment now.

The B&B Team helps buyers discover what they can afford. We pride ourselves in the fact we work with our clients to help them make informed decisions. Their hard earned money that they are investing is best if it goes to work for them the day after closing. No one wants to be over-leveraged or face a year or more long expensive makeover with little cash flow coming in.

So next time you are cruising the internet for “inns for sale”, THINK about what you may have just learned here. The property price tag with the extra coma may just be your future affordable inn.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet & Rick Wolf

Massachusetts Berkshires ‘Life is Calling’

September 3rd, 2015 by Janet Wolf

massachusetts berkshires

Massachusetts Berkshires-Like the Views are Pretty Much Everywhere-Photo: Ogden Gigli

The Massachusetts Berkshires Tourism and Travel Planning website has a great tagline, “life is calling.” And life in the Massachusetts Berkshires is bursting with some exciting stuff! Lately there has been an explosion of a new and exciting local food scene. “A crossroads of culinary culture, the Berkshires attracts chefs and restaurateurs who are, in no uncertain terms, artists in their own right.” A food scene is a great draw in a destination location but cultural events and some of the most scenic vistas in the Northeast are the Berkshires’ mainstays and draws the world to its doorstep.

Massachusetts Berkshires Farm to Table Experience

Massachusetts Berkshires Farm to Table Experience

The peaceful beauty of the Massachusetts Berkshires has always been a draw, from the 19th century’s affluent ‘cottagers’ that flocked there from New York City to today’s tourists seeking a getaway. Today guests have the opportunity to stay in some of these ‘cottages’ as well as tour the larger preserved Berkshire estates open to the public.

The Federal House Inn in South Lee is a prime example of a Berkshire ‘cottage’ that offers guests a glimpse of what guests from an earlier time experienced. Elegance, yes, but also country comfort in a relaxed atmosphere. Earlier guests to the ‘cottages’ were seeking a respite from the social rigors of city society. I suppose you could say the same for today’s travelers. A getaway is a getaway no matter what century you live in!

Federal House Inn-Massachusetts Berkshires

Federal House Inn-Massachusetts Berkshires

The Federal House Inn was built in 1824 by the paper industry leader, Thomas O. Hurlbut. His home was his sanctuary, being a devoted family and business man. Today the property is still a sanctuary. The Federal House Inn has been fully restored and the gracious federal brick building appears today as stately as it did in in its inception.

Current innkeepers have kept the historical charm of the home which features gorgeous wood floors and large windows that invite guests to admire the surrounding scenery. The addition of the expanded and newly constructed owner’s quarters is a wonderful plus to the property.  A private living room, bright master bedroom and bath, walk in closets, a new 4-season sunroom/office, private garden and deck complete the package!  These quarters are spacious and comfortable…and… private and convenient too!

If ‘life is calling’ you to the world of Innkeeping, the Massachusetts Berkshires and the Federal House Inn for sale is a great place to start your journey. Read more about this gracious property and the wonderful opportunities it has to offer.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Davie School Inn-Experience Small Town America

November 14th, 2014 by Janet Wolf

The Davie School Inn, small town America

Anna Illinois-Small Town America

The uniqueness of this boutique Inn located in a quaint small town in southern Illinois is well…unique, in a very good way. The thought and execution of transforming a much loved small town America historic school building was the idea of innkeeper’s Gary and Andrea Dahmer. Transforming the rooms that were once the seat of learning for Anna Illinois children into luxury guest suites was started in 2002. The results are, as you will see, exceptional. I give it an A+.

Anna Illinois small town america

The Davie School Inn Suite

Guests come to the area for many reasons. Anna and the other nearby towns are surrounded by orchards, vineyards and forests waiting to be explored.  A getaway (or you may want to call it playing hooky) to the Shawnee National Forest and the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail is well worth a visit. I love learning about areas of the US that are off the beaten path that give you a sense of adventure. The Little Grand Canyon is that kind of place, tucked along the scenic Wine Trail. You can climb 365 feet from the canyon floor to a panoramic view of the Big Muddy River and the Mississippi floodplain. This sounds like a great place to play hooky, Huckleberry Finn style.

Hiking outside small town america

Shawnee National Forest-Southern Illinois

After a full day of exploration, back to The Davie School Inn and Anna Illinois. You can go back to your suite and play school, the original chalk boards and book cases are fun features in the guest rooms. Or…you can soak in your whirlpool/soaking tub or luxuriate in a large luxury shower and enjoy the bottle of wine or local brew you purchased on your day trip to the vineyards. I would choose the latter.

vineyards outside Anna Illinois small town America

On the edge of the Shawnee Forest sits Von Jakob Vineyard & Brewery

Another small town pleasure would be to take a leisurely stroll a block or two from the Inn to the Brick House Grill. The important word here is ‘leisurely’, because you are on your ‘play hooky getaway’ and there is no rush. Good local flavor and adult libations. Great way to end the day.

Most small towns are very walkable and Anna is no exception. Mom & Pop stores are always fun to explore, you never know what you will find. But one thing you will find is a friendly smile and an authentic hello. Stores that are named ‘Jim & Dot’s Shoe Store & Western Wear’ and ‘This & That’ are sure to hold a few treasures.

Back to the Inn for a great sleep in one of their large and well-appointed suites, you will want for nothing! Awaken to a wonderful breakfast delivered to your room. The innkeepers Gary and Andrea are all about hospitality, it is their middle name. Just like their home town business partners, they know their town and love to share it. Live like the locals for a few days!

The B&B Team is representing The Davie School Inn for sale. If you are looking for a wonderful unique boutique Inn that has been lovingly transformed and in an area that offers a friendly small town lifestyle and business, this is a must see. The slower pace and satisfaction of small town America living and The Davie School Inn may just be where your next life adventure begins.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


Scenic Bridgton Maine Highland Lake

October 15th, 2014 by Janet Wolf

Bridgton Maine Highland Lake

Bridgton Maine Highland Lake

Planning a Timeless classic Maine vacation? Or…looking to purchase a lodging property in Maine? Ever consider Bridgton Maine Highland Lake region?

Many tourists as well as aspiring innkeepers think of the coast of Maine as the prime destination of their dream vacation or Inn. Let’s take a look at another alternative.

Maine Lakes and Mountain region vs the Maine Coast

  • They both have water. One with sodium, one without.
  • They both have mountains. Really!
  • They both draw tons of tourists.
  • Most important, they both are spectacularly beautiful.

But there is a certain ‘lure of a lake’ that I have written about in the past. The following comments are from by an article in US Airways Magazine entitled, The Lure of the Lake by freelance author Brion O’Connor. He says it so well.

“There are many reasons why lakes possess such a magnetic pull…

  • They are places where time, if only for a day or weekend, can stand still.
  • The simple joys of skipping stones, an adventurous canoe foray, swimming, fishing, or a  late-night campfire roasting marshmallows, the lake experience fosters a sense of well-being and bonding.
  • Being near a lake, or any open body of water has a calming effect.

The Greater Bridgton Maine Highland Lake region (a 1300-acre lake) is a center hub to explore the many lakes stretching from Sebago Lake to White Mountain National Park. Also you are only 45 minutes from Portland. But just staying on the lake and enjoying what generations of vacationers have done could be just the ticket. Swim, fish, canoe and skip a few stones.

Bridgton Maine Highland Lake resort

Tennis anyone?

The lake resort The B&B Team is offering for sale is a property with a spectacular lakeside location. The innkeeper of this lakeside resort has perfected the art of making visitors happy. Besides the ‘lure of the lake’ the property includes: Tennis court, pool table and game room, exercise room and massage and a great fireplace on the lakefront. You never have to leave if you don’t want to.

Bridgton Maine Highland Lake

Opportunity! Snowmobile trail, hop off and stay awhile.

Take a look at the opportunities this lakeside resort has to offer. Current owners do not provide food service but adding this would be possible and advised. Staying open for the winter is another suggestion. The area has over 600 miles of groomed snowmobile trails, the major trail goes right through the resort’s property. Perfect for snowmobilers to stop for a bite and warm up. Also there are miles of trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and a downhill ski area less than ten miles away. Every winter Bridgton hosts the annual Mushers’ Bowl Winter Carnival. The lake is perfect for ice fishing and draws an enthusiastic crowd for this sport. The opportunities to grow this business are tremendous.

Explore your vision of a Maine lodging business and come to the lakes and mountains. You will never look back. The lure of Highland Lake is calling.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

All Maine Points -The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale

August 21st, 2014 by Janet Wolf

The B&B Team Maine Inns for SaleAre you ready to take a journey to The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale? Lets go.

Why is Maine a dream location hot spot for aspiring innkeepers? Is it the vast acres of wilderness protected within the national and state parks?  Is it the crooked scenic miles of rocky shore? Is it lobster, moose?  Or is the lifestyle and potential bragging rights to be able to one day say; ”My home is Maine.”

The B&B Team is fortunate to represent a large variety of lodging properties in the state of Maine. Our current Maine Inns for Sale listings number 21.  Those are The B&B Team’s bragging rights and we work hard for those rights! Also for our clients and the small lodging industry nation wide.

Just like the different Maine regions, not one inn is alike. From the most luxurious indulgent inns to classic seaside cottages to historic country inns with unique dining, to timeless roadside cabins and motel units, the choices are varied and substantial.

There are seven regions in Maine. It is New England’s largest state. With 35,385 sq. mi, 83% of it forested. Measured from one end to the other is only 228 miles. But the shoreline measures 3,478 Miles. Odd? No, just look at the map. Population is 1,328,302, less than the population of New York City! Of course the population bulges with seasonal tourists and summer residents, a grand thing for those who do business in the state.

Let’s start the journey.

Maine Inns for sale

The views from The Inn at Moosehead Lake

Starting at the top, we visit Northern Maine which includes the Moosehead Lake area. One of the best Inns in the area is The Lodge at Moosehead Lake. The lure of the lake, adventure outings, lakeside dining completes the whole experience for guests. Plus a killer business and newly built post and bean lakeside owner’s house.

Moving clockwise we visit Down East. Lubec, the eastern most town in the US is where the Peacock House Bed and Breakfast resides. “Tourism is low-key yet wildly rewarding in this northern U.S. locale. Lubec’s historical harmony with the sea and its close ties to the Canadian Maritimes are securing its future.” Great quote from Fodors.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Peacock House Bed & Breakfast in Down East Maine

Travelling further down the coast we come to Mount Desert Island in the Acadia area. The town of Bar Harbor is well known for their B&B’s with Acadia National Park a prime draw, a true destination location.  The Graycote Inn is a well-established financially viable property in the heart of Bar Harbor. Three financially feasible Inns, Clark Point Inn, Coach Stop Inn and Maples Inn are property gems waiting for their next step.  The beauty of the area is overwhelming. To live and become a part of this business community is a dream that can come true.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for Sale

Graycote Inn Bar Harbor Maine Inn for Sale

The East Penobscot Bay Region is home to Deer Isle and the Pilgrim’s Inn & Whale’s Rib Tavern. At true classic full service Inn in a most enchanting village location. Surrounding the Inn is an ‘intermingling of land and water with cove and lupine-fringed inlets’. A financially successful seasonal business with plenty of room for growth.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Pilgrim’s Inn Deer Isle Maine Inn & Restaurant for Sale

Moving on to the Midcoast Region, shall we? Starting in Lincolnville, a smidge north of Camden, you will find the Pine Grove Cottages. Classic Maine roadside cottages surrounded by tall pines yet on the coast. Best of both Maine worlds. Also in this locale is Abbington’s Seaview Motel & Cottages, a property just waiting for the right innkeepers to revitalize this prime location property.

The B&B Team Maine Inns

Pine Grove Cottages for Sale

Right next door, Camden, known as ‘The Jewel of the Maine Coast”. The Inns at Blackberry Commons come with a strong history of hospitality and the numbers to prove it. Classic Camden architecture, a jewel unto itself.  Next stop, set off Route One in Camden is a charming 4 guest room lifestyle bed and breakfast, Abigail’s Inn. Worth a look see! Take a short scenic drive from Camden central to the Youngstown Inn, a classic 1810 farmhouse inn and restaurant. Close to Lake Megunticock and the Cellar Door Winery, beautiful setting.

The B&B Team Maine Inn for Sale

The Inns at Blackberry Commons, Camden

Next stop, Rockport. The seaside Claddagh Motel & Suites with a superb business set by scenic Glen Cove. 19 units and a pool complete the experience.

Still exploring the Midcoast, a must see award winning luxury bed and breakfast located in Rockland. Twelve elegant guest rooms with a booming business in a booming active destination town. This well known and prime property will astound.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Prime Rockland Maine Bed & Breakfast for Sale

On the road again. Moving south on scenic coastal Route One with a stop in Wiscasset.  Known as “The Prettiest Little Village in Maine’.  Wiscasset Motor Lodge has excellent roadside visibility, a strong business, with 26 rooms and room for growth. Take a turn off of Route 1 in Wiscasset and travel down a winding country road to Westport Island and you will find a federal style farmhouse, unpretentious and loaded with charm. The Squire Tarbox Inn & Restaurant, 11 guest rooms with wonderful farm to table Maine dining. A truly idyllic historic Maine farm setting.

Maine Inns for sale

Squire Tarbox Inn-views from the back and the farmland beyond

A bit further south is The Inn at Bath. A grand Greek Revival 8 guest room profitable Inn. Spectacular gardens surround the property, a curb appeal that says ‘welcome’. Bath is known for its waterfront and maritime history. The downtown is vibrant and alive.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Inn at Bath

Let’s take a slight detour, shall we? The Kennebec Valley Region is home to Augusta, Maine’s state capital. Just minutes from the capital sits an idyllic historic farmhouse Bed and Breakfast & Conference Center. But wait…there are 30 acres plus a highly successful and strong conference, meetings and wedding event business.

The B&B Team Maine inns for sale

Maine Bed & Breakfast and Conference Center in a grand farmland setting

Travelling due west we cross into the Western Mountains and Lakes Region. Home to Sebago Lake and a well- established profitable lakeside Maine Sebago Lake Region Resort. Families, couples and event attendees have enjoyed this Maine lakeside resort for decades. Naples is in the heart of this region. Here we find the Romah Motor Inn, a 9 motel unit property, well maintained and ideally positioned for growth.

The B&B Team Maine Inns for sale

Sebago Lake Region Resort for Sale-ah the lure of the lake

Last but oh, so not least we arrive in the Casco Bay Region. Home to Maine’s largest city, Portland and Freeport, home to LL Bean. Not far from this center of Portland’s bustling activity and tourism are Pine Crest Inn and 91 South Restaurant. A beautiful neighborhood bed and breakfast with a popular wine bar and dining venue.

The journey ends here but always keep in touch on our Maine Inns for sale page, there may be another road to travel and Maine Inn for sale to visit.

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Taos New Mexico Destination for the Soul

August 6th, 2014 by Janet Wolf

Taos New Mexico

Taos New Mexico Sangre de Cristo Mountains Sunset        John B. Crane Photographer

Taos New Mexico is a unique destination location to say the least. Set on an undulating mesa at the base of Sangre de Christo Mountains. A landscape that offers enticements for every season. ” It is a place of piercing light and spectacular views, where the desert palette changes almost hourly as the sun moves across the sky.” This wonderful description comes from AARP Taos Vacation Guide.

There are destinations where artists are drawn throughout our vast country, from sea to shining sea and in between. Taos New Mexico has a rugged beauty and natural desert palette that have seduced artists, writers and photographers for over a century. Of course the Southwest Native American Indians have been painting and crafting there since ancient times.  Both influences have enriched the Taos community. The desert landscape and low-key life style also draws abundant tourists. Many visit time and again and stay. There are so many reasons why.

Taos New Mexico

Taos Pueblo is the only living Native American community

Writer and teacher Henry Shukman was a visitor from England who once stopped, felt the pull of the landscape and stayed. I believe his descriptive words say it all; “Taos Mountain has a mystique like no other, with an unrivaled place in American cultural history.”

And the history is abundant and can be viewed within the adobe walls of ancient native dwellings, the Spanish haciendas and ‘newer’ turn of the 20th Century adobe homes. The Adobe & Pines Inn is located on a preserved 1832 historic adobe hacienda. Once owned in the late 1930s by a patroness to the arts. She transformed the hacienda into one of Taos’ cultural salons. A gathering place for celebrity artists like Georgia O’Keefe and other notables like writer D.H. Lawrence. The gathering of guests since the Inn opened in 1991 continues and thrives.


Taos New Mexico Adobe & Pines Inn

Adobe & Pines Inn features historical art around every corner

Tao New Mexico artist

Taos New Mexico painter Walter Ufer ‘Where the desert meets the mountain’.

Historic bed and breakfasts like the Adobe & Pines Inn can offer so much to their guests. The Inn’s history includes an acequia, transformed on the property into a lovely stream that is part of the ancient Spanish irrigation system.  The Inn’s Grand Portal has a large fresco mural by Taos Pueblo artist Juan Mirabal circa 1950. Throughout the Inn’s walls are old wall tiles depicting saints and religious pilgrimages. A well preserved two portal adobe outhouse completes the historic picture (and experience)!

Taos New Mexico B&B

Adobe & Pines Inn Taos New Mexico

“Come Replenish Your Soul-Experience Taos-Experience Adobe History-Experience Your Soul”. This is how the current innkeepers describe what to expect at the Adobe & Pines Inn.  They are ready to welcome new owners and caretakers of this special Inn in a very special destination location. If you are ready to experience the mystique and life style of the southwest. Taos New Mexico may be calling you, where the desert meets the mountain.

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