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Rabbit Hole of Social Media

September 14th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Rabbit Hole of Social Media

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there”. Lewis Carroll

This is a quote we often use in The B&B Team’s ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ seminars for aspiring innkeepers.

We suggest our seminar attendees need to focus on where they want to live. It helps them focus on where to start looking for inns for sale. You have to know where you are going.

This line of thinking can also relate to how small business owners/innkeepers should approach managing their social media.

  • Focus on the what, meaning which social media platforms will be most effective for your inn.
  • Focus on the when, how much time you should plan on spending on each platform.
rabbit hole of social media


I found a good blog on social media tips for small businesses. ’21 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.’ Interesting that the author used many Lewis Carroll quotes to illustrate the sometimes overwhelming tasks associated with social media. This article is chock full of good information, worth a read and a save for future reference.

“The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down what seemed to be a very deep well.” Chapter 1- Alice in Wonderland

Do you sometimes feel like you are falling down the rabbit hole of social media? To avoid the tunnel it takes a game plan. I will take some key points from the 21 that the author lists. Points I believe relate to our small business niche. Points I hope will help you focus.

Facebook, blogging and email newsletters will most likely be your first platforms to attack. If you are in love with the image driven platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, go for it. They can be very powerful image tools. No platform is a requirement.

1. “Concentrate on your target audience and your goals from social media. In a world of choosing social platforms to concentrate on for small businesses, less is often always more.”

2.  “Take on what you can handle-and nothing more.” i.e. Scheduling, making a posting plan. I know an innkeeper who planned his social media on his weekly calendar. Facebook Monday…Newsletter Wednesday…Bogging Thursday. And most important, be consistent.

3. “What sort of content is your audience looking for?” Start with your location, location, location and all the offerings your area provides. This shows and tells the special experience your guests will be having. Your goal is to educate and entertain. Keep your readers engaged. Suggest NOT to bombard them with your ‘discounted, buy one get one free’ specials. Yawn and delete. ( You can always sneak your offers in AFTER you have engaged them with your great content).

4.  “Use high quality, crisp visuals. Recent research shows images increase social media engagement. Twitter updates with images in them receive 150% more retweets than those without and Facebook posts with images in them receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without.”  Show them the money shots.

5.  “Be patient! A lot of small business owners don’t know about all of a platform’s capabilities, or get frustrated when they don’t see a high engagement rate or grand following right away.” Frustration can lead to inertia. Don’t let that happen. Keep posting regularly, focus on the what and the when. And by all means…

“Remember what the Dormouse said…feed your head.” (with knowledge that is!). White Rabbit lyrics. Jefferson Airplane. Couldn’t resist that quote, it just popped in my head!

rabbit hole of social media

The rabbit hole of social media is not something you want to fall into. Hope this helps you focus as well as inspire you to find your old childhood copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Fun reading in between posting.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Our Fight Against the B&B Stereotype

September 5th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Our Fight Against the B&B Stereotype

Join our fight against the B&B stereotype. Last week you may have seen the scathing, meant to be humorous article in the online travel section of the Boston Globe; Does B&B stand for blah and bummer? One man’s stand against breakfast with strangers.  If not I have provided you with the link. I suggest you read it.

Now that you are as incensed as I became, you can now read my immediately response to the author, Christopher Muther. I share it with you now.

Dear Chris,

Have you ever had a terrible meal at a small chef/owned restaurant? Maybe you go on TripAdvisor and give it a 2 or 3 star review and probably won’t go back. But you know that not all small chef/owned restaurants are the same. Right?  I am not going to continue with this thread of thought because you are obviously a bright guy and get it.

What I am going to say is that writing about one, allegedly out of touch, living in the past B&B and giving it a scathing review based on your prejudiced (unfounded?) assumption that all B&Bs are similar to Mrs. Butterworth’s B&B. (By the way, do they really still make that stuff?) This is very unfair and articles like yours can unfortunately hurt the small independent lodging businesses.

Fact: B&Bs are changing, it is Darwinian. But it takes time. Of course we like to see positive press about our industry. Like the article just published in Down East Magazine featuring a selection of new Maine innkeepers entitled, The New Innkeepers.

This quote from the article says it all…

“Baby-boomer hoteliers — long the driving force behind the state’s inns, B&Bs, sporting camps, and other accommodations — are handing over the keys, and a new crop of hosts are bringing with them fresh aesthetics, new investment, and novel ideas about what it means to be a guest of the house.”

Chris, I know your article was amusing and was meant to initiate a chuckle or two but it really just dragged out another stereotype that our industry is working very hard on diminishing.

Now if you want to write something positive about our industry, take a look at the B&Bs for Vets program.

Thanks for Listening… Janet Wolf

New Innkeeper featured in the Down East article, Victoria Hood, West End Inn, Portland Maine. A client of The B&B Team and seminar graduate. Photograph by Michael D. Wilson

Our industry’s B&Bs are changing. Innkeepers, new or seasoned, with the ‘fresh aesthetics, new investment and novel ideas’ are the future. Keeping up with hospitality industry trends is key. One way of doing this is education, education, education! How, when and where? The Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace is THE place to be. February 26-March 1, 2018 in Norfolk, Virginia. Our forward looking association, AIHP, Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals, has a very forward thinking education program planned. Please consider attending.

The B&B Team is committed to the fight against the B&B stereotype. Join the fight, let’s move forward and once again…

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

B&Bs For Vets-Honoring Their Sacrifices

August 23rd, 2017 by Janet Wolf

B&Bs for Vets 2016

B&Bs For Vets-Honoring Their Sacrifices

B&Bs for Vets 2017 is now in full swing, accepting B&Bs signing up to offer our veterans a minimum of one free night (or more). Have you signed up? If not take a look at the Innkeepers Information and please consider joining the growing group of inns thanking our veterans and the many sacrifices they make.

Found a great blog written by a woman who knows! Listing four major sacrifices our veterans face. Veterans put their lives in danger while life at home moves on without them. The joys of daily family life we civilians often take for granted.

Missing the birth of their baby is a definite number 1. Depending on where a new daddy is, communications can be sketchy. Their wives go into labor, give birth and they may have no way to contact them. Or they may have watched over video chat the birth but then not physically able to hold and touch their child.

Stress of not knowing the where and what of your service member’s status. Months may go by without a word, not knowing if the person you love is hurt or worse.

‘Normal’ life planning for veterans is challenging at best. Buying a home in a neighborhood of your choice for your children with good schools and securing roots in the community. Not happening for military families.

The ultimate sacrifice is the unthinkable but the reality. Saying goodbye, permanently, yet knowing full well that the ultimate sacrifice was for a cause they felt deeply about. A void to live with for the rest of the loved ones lives.

Thank you Rachel Engel for your blog; ‘4 major sacrifices military families make. It’s not just missing out on celebrating anniversaries and milestones.’ Her insights are close to home for her. Her writings specialize in military and military family issues. She lives in a military installation with her active duty military husband and children.

The B&Bs for Vets program is our industry’s humble way of saying thank you to our veterans for the multitude of sacrifices they make. ‘Sacrificing’ a room or maybe more on Veteran’s Day is our way of recognizing and honoring their many sacrifices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: “Because of where the holiday falls, we are asking innkeepers to give their free rooms away on November 9, 10 or 11, 2017 (innkeeper’s choice of dates).”

I will close with a quote from an innkeeper that hosted an ‘innfull’ of veterans last year.

“What we also did not imagine, was how rewarding, personally, doing this would be. We enjoyed pleasant conversation with the vets and spent hours talking with them about their experiences in the service. We look forward to participating in this program again next year. Thank you for providing the mechanism that makes this all possible.” Larry and Patricia Reynolds. Gracefield Hall Bed & Breakfast

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Public Hotel-Learn From Success

July 31st, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Public Hotel-Learn From Success

Public Hotel Gardens on the Lower East Side

Ian Schrager, hotelier and former Studio 54 nightclub impresario, you may recognize the name, is known also as the inventor of the boutique lifestyle hotel back in 1984. His latest creation is shaking it up. The Public Hotel (known just as the “Public”) located in New York’s Lower East Side. It’s mantra, “Luxury for all.”

“In the nightclub business you have the same product everyone else has. The only way to distinguish any venue is to create magic, energy, excitement in the air. It’s the same with hotels. Every hotel room has a bed, but we don’t rely on the bed. We rely on excitement.” Ian Schrager. United Airlines Rhapsody magazine July 2017

The WOW factor looms large at the “Public.” And yes, it is affordable for a NYC hotel. Rooms are priced at around $250. (just noticed some rooms offered at $150)

Public hotel

Dining Venue at the “Public”

How does he do it? Well, first of all he is Ian Schrager, and we’re not. But I firmly believe we can learn from successful hoteliers like Mr. Schrager. We are all in the hospitality industry and we all want to be successful. And our guests all want to feel pampered and experience luxury.

“Feeling luxurious is something people of all ages, of every strata of wealth, of any education are entitled to experience.” Ian Schrager

What struck me when I was canvasing Public’s website was the simple and straight forward descriptions of the rooms and amenities. You can choose from:

  • Queen Room, Queen Good View, or Queen Great View.
  • King or King Great View
  • Loft Great View
  • Suite                                   As I said, simple and straight forward!

Public hotel-Lean From Success

And the amenities… no flowery language… just the facts, but you can see you are getting good value for the rates.

  • 269 SQ FT

We can all learn from success and get inspired from other’s creativity. Take a look at Public’s website. You may find something that will add that magic, energy and excitement to your Inn.

Another suggestion…attend the 2018 Knowledge Sharing Summit and Marketplace at Norfolk, Virginia’s Hilton on Main. There is no better place to “learn from success” and find out what is happening in our industry today. The B&B Team will be there, all 10 of us, stop by and say “Hey!”

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Virginia is for Lovers –All of them!

July 24th, 2017 by Janet Wolf


Virginia is for lovers

Virginia is for Lovers-All of Them!

This tourism and travel slogan may be one of the most recognized and successful advertising slogans ever. I didn’t realize that it has been around since 1969. Back then, the firm of Martin and Woltz Inc.  proposed slogans like, “Virginia is for History Lovers.” Also beach lovers and mountain lovers. The thought was these slogans were too limiting and came up with the all-inclusive lovers of all things Virginia.

Fast forward to 2017… all-inclusive means so much more today.

“Our LOVE story is bigger, better, and more inclusive than ever before.”

The official tourism website of the Commonwealth of Virginia started a new marketing program“specifically aimed at drawing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender — aka LGBT — tourists to visit the state.”

Caroline Logan, Director of Communications for Virginia Tourism Corp., stated The goal is to present Virginia as a safe and inclusive place for LGBT travelers and their families.”

Is this an advertising promotion to bring more business to the state? Of course.

There are millions of dollars spent each year by LGBT travelers, which is a very specific segment of the tourism market, so being able to benefit from that segment is important,” said Kevin Clay, who served on the advisory commission and is a principal with Big Spoon Agency, a hospitality consulting firm in Richmond.

Is this also a strong welcoming message to the LGBT community of travelers? You bet.

Hospitality has many acronyms. One of them is openness, another kindness, another generosity. I was pleased to see many bed and breakfasts on the self-designated listings of Virginia business owners and hosts as LGBT-friendly.

The B&B Team loves Virginia. In fact the company was founded by Peter Scherman in Virginia in 1993. He and his wife Peggy love living in historic Scottsville, Virginia.

Just like the LOVE story of Virginia, The B&B Team is now bigger and better. There are now 10 of us on the team. I can speak for all of us in that we believe wholeheartedly in the all-inclusive marketing message Virginia Tourism Corp. is promoting. Kudos to Virginia Tourism Corp. for their openness and all inclusive campaign.  Lovers come in all shapes and forms and varieties of humankind…………..and to quote one of my favorite passages from Harper Lee’s book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Atticus Finch’s daughter Scout observed that “I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.”

If becoming an innkeeper is a dream and hospitality is in your DNA, we can help. As we state on our Seminars page, “We don’t sell the dream, we help you live it.” We invite you to start your search for bed and breakfasts for sale in Virginia right here.

The B&B Team also loves the other 49 states and would love to help your search….wherever.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Passion Branding Your B&B-Are You Doing This?

July 17th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Passion Branding

In our ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ seminars for aspiring innkeepers we talk about branding your inn. This can be confusing to innkeepers and aspiring innkeepers as to what that means and how to do it. Branding your B&B does not need to be difficult or confusing. It may just need one simple idea, but it must be authentic, and you must be passionate about it.  Let us take a look at a branding concept that I believe can clarify the ‘how to do it’.

Hundreds of books on branding have been published for decades. A recent publication, Passion Branding: Harnessing the Power of Emotion to Build Strong Brands by Neill Duffy and Jo Hooper, takes an interesting approach to an old component to branding, the “emotional connection.”

“Centered on a passionate relationship between brand and consumer and the leverage of that passion in order to create value for all involved in the relationship.”

Relationships between you and your guests, (“brand and consumer”), is an important part of hospitality. Maybe the most important. Creating that value to “all involved in the relationship” between you and your guests is key.

Here a two examples Scott and Marilyn Bushnell, affiliates of The B&B Team, shared with me.

passion branding

Jacob-Rohrbach Inn, Sharpsburg, MD

  • Jacob-Rohrbach Inn, Sharpsburg, MD:  We worked with Amy and Chris Vincent when they purchased the inn near the Antietam Battlefield in 2015.  Chris is an avid Civil War buff and their search for an inn near a battlefield brought them to Sharpsburg.  He is now a licensed battlefield guide and sponsors the Civil War Summer Lecture Series  bringing guests to the Inn and Sharpsburg.  They have turned passion and personal interest into a growing business.
passion branding

Passion for Civil War History

  • Jay and Gaylen Matlock own Carriage Corner B&B in Intercourse, PA.  We worked with them in 2016 as they moved from Washington state to the hub of Amish activities…Lancaster County.  Gaylen brought her love of sewing to the Inn and now conducts Sew Camps retreats at the Inn, bringing like-minded enthusiasts to the Inn for sewing interaction and laughing as well as visits to local fabric and supply stores.
passion branding

Carriage Corner Bed & Breakfast, Intercourse, PA


passion branding

Passion for sewing at the Carriage Corner B&B

“These are innkeepers who have taken their passions and are using them to build their brand…and enjoy exercising those passions and building business at the same time. Word of Mouth marketing grows with these experiences and since they are the passions of the innkeepers, there is “staying power” for the long-term.  They are not just “oh, we tried that once and it didn’t work” ideas.  If it is of personal interest, it will have longevity and build a branding ‘personality’ to the inn.”

Thank you Marilyn and Scott.

Another key point on Passion Branding was to “align with an activity that one’s target customers are passionate about.” These innkeepers are doing just that, and it is not complicated or confusing! Passion is catching, in the most positive way. It creates an emotional connection with your guests that is both powerful and long-term. Can you spell repeat guests?

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Declaration of Independence-Typeset Print

July 4th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson, the power of words

241 years ago today, July 4th, just after the Declaration of Independence had been adopted by the Congress earlier that day, a committee took the manuscript document, possibly Thomas Jefferson’s “fair copy” of his rough draft, to printer John Dunlap. Could it have been Thomas Jefferson himself who took his handwritten copy to Dunlap’s print shop? I like to think that it may have been.

Printer John Dunlap’s shop was located a few blocks from the State House (now Independence Hall). It is surmised he worked through the night printing a number of copies (possibly 200). These copies, known as the “Dunlap Broadsides” is the version that spread the Declaration of Independence to the rest of the world.

Declaration of Independence

Just picture in your mind Thomas Jefferson walking down the streets of Philadelphia in the twilight hours of July 4th with his ‘fair copy’ version of the document in hand. He then walks through the door of Dunlap’s shop, most likely a bell on the door rings to announce his presence. Jefferson hands the document to John Dunlap. The printer works through the night by lamplight…typeset, print.

Declaration of Independence

Replica of John Dunlap’s press

The rest as they say is history. Our history. These copies set into motion the start of our nation, our independence.

It wasn’t until August that the signing of the famous engrossed parchment copy that we all can picture (with the iconic large John Hancock signature) took place. The famous painting by Trumbull depicts the Committee of Five, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman and Thomas Jefferson. Those five took on the task of composing the document. Jefferson alone took on the task of writing it.

In many of my blogs I link to articles and blogs that I believe are worth a read. Here is a link to the Declaration of Independence. Definitely worth a read. I think you will hear the power of persuasion in Jefferson’s words. I think you will hear the clear intelligent use of language from our five forefathers who drafted the declaration. I think you will hear words that well-define the resolve for separation.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Powerful words to live by.

Take a second to print a copy. 241 years later all we need to do is move an arrow and click print. Ol’ John Dunlap would be so impressed.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Pop-Up Dinners at Your Bed and Breakfast

June 27th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Pop-Up dinners at your bed and breakfast

Presentation is Everything-Make it Instagram Worthy!

Ever thought of doing Pop-Up dinners at your bed and breakfast? If you love fun food experiences, this is a great way to express that love. It is also another way to expose your Inn to a wider audience. In addition it is an opportunity to invite your community, business friends, and locals to your property. A great way to connect.

Once again, I found a great source for information. From Eventbrite:

“Pop-up dinners are one-time food events that offer guests a taste of something different. Whether it’s an unexpected location, a personal interaction with the chef, or a unique menu or theme, these events cater to the ‘Experiential Diner’ — who craves not just an amazing meal, but a new and exciting dining experience.”

Pop-Up Dinners at your bed and breakfast

Zucchini Blossom Salad-From June 24th English Meadows Supper Club

The “unexpected location” could be your Inn! The Inn at English Meadows in Kennebunk, Maine started doing Pop-Up dinners this year.

They have grown in popularity and are now offering them monthly. Featuring sous chefs from your favorite restaurants is a great way to promote local chefs. They have the opportunity to create their own menus, do their own thing. A win-win collaboration.

“There are so many chefs out there — they have their restaurants, their day jobs, but they’re looking for something more. That’s what the pop-up culture offers them. They are able to take over someone’s space for only a few hours and convert it into their own identity. It’s not just about the food, it’s about creating a memorable experience for the guests.”  Chef Melissa King, Top Chef Season 12

Eventbrite has a free download guide that gives you some good tips for pricing, promotion and general industry tips. Worth downloading to get some good insight.

Pop-Ups are one of the fastest growing food trends, experiencing an 82% growth.

And don’t forget the cocktails!

pop-up dinners at your bed and breakfast

Creation and Photo by Alex Parisi-Curate Maine

“Locally made bitters, local honey, simple syrup, infusion kits, Mule Mugs or antique cocktail glasses.” Curate Maine.

I’ll drink to that!

There are many articles and blogs out there with tips on taking good food photos with your I Phone. Take a look at this one from New York Times. 11 Way to Take a Better Food Photo on Instagram.

Some advice before you start. Find out IF you can offer expanded food service like a Pop-Up at your Inn. Remember, assume nothing and ask everything when it comes to regulations.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf


Mobile Bookings are Growing Fast-Are you getting your share?

June 22nd, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Mibile bookings

Mobile Bookings are Growing

“…according to eMarketer’s latest forecast on digital and mobile travel. This year, digital travel sales in the US will reach $189.62 billion, 40.0% of which will come from mobile devices.”

Now not all of those billions are room rentals. This includes airlines, cruises, all travel related bookings, including AirBnB.

More stats for those who love this stuff:

“US mobile travel sales will total $75.85 billion in 2017, up 16.7% over last year. On the flip side, desktop and laptop travel sales will decline 1.6% this year to $113.77 billion.”

What does this mean for our industry? If your website is not responsive, you run the risk of being deemed irrelevant. Ouch!

“Google holds nearly 70% of search market share, so when Google talks, we listen. Google states that responsive web design (RWD) is its recommended mobile configuration and an industry best practice. Google prefers RWD because content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile site. It also makes managing your site and SEO easier, as you have one site to maintain and market.” InsideOut Solutions.

Responsive website design has been a ‘must do’ upgrade for a while. Nothing new but…with the newest stats like the 16.7% increase in mobile bookings, the importance of a good responsive site just keeps growing.

“It’s important to have a responsive website, one that can adapt to screens of any resolution, for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that it allows guests who found your inn on their mobile device or tablet to easily navigate your website. If they can navigate your site, they will stay on your website longer. They will learn more about your accommodations and will be more likely to make a reservation.” Q4Launch

The most important point I want to make in this post going forward is: GO WITH WEBMASTERS WHO KNOW THE LODGING INDUSTRY. I know I just shouted at you, no apology, because this is important!

“Keep in mind, “Local” webmasters who are not well-versed in the Lodging industry simply do not have the knowledge to build a Website and include all the necessary parts required to make it into a successful online presence.” Acorn Internet Services, Inc.

“We take a holistic approach to bed and breakfast marketing, but a key tool for success is a professionally designed website that converts “lookers into bookers.” White Stone Marketing

The folks I have quoted here know their stuff. They have all been working with and for our industry for quite a while (except for Q4, the newbies… but good!)  They are all knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about our industry as are we at The B&B Team.

You want your share of the $75.85 billion US travel sales in 2017. If you are not responsive your share will be miniscule. You want those lookers to become bookers but…if they can’t even look on a mobile device. Ouch!

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf

Urban Bed & Breakfasts for Sale-Interested?

June 13th, 2017 by Janet Wolf

Urban Bed & Breakfast for sale

Urban Bed & Breakfasts for Sale-Philadelphia’s Cornerstone Inn

Did you know The B&B Team conducts around 30 ‘Better Way to Learn Innkeeping’ Seminars annually? Many aspirers sign up to learn the “ins and outs” of starting a bed breakfast. In addition we also learn from them, something very important. Where do they want to live? Location WILL affect your business and lifestyle.

We ask…

Is it in the country with some acreage?

Is it on the shore, beach or lake?

In a quiet country village?

Or…an urban setting?

Urban Bed & Breakfasts. Large cities or smaller metropolitan cites. Let’s take a look at some advantages.

  • Can have higher occupancy rates. Why?
    • Oodles of corporations that bring their travelers to town.
    • Typically enjoy mid-week business travelers.
    • Usually have colleges and universities…always magnets for parents, future student families, reunions and corporate guests working at the school.
    • Colleges and universities build repeat guests for 4 years with each entering class.
    • Less year-round occupancy volatility. Typically weather does not affect urban travel.
  • Average Daily Rates (ADR) can typically be higher in a city. Why?
    • Higher occupancy rates allow for effective revenue management practices.

Thank you Marilyn and Scott Bushnell, members of The B&B Team for their insights, cited above. As innkeepers (in their former life!) their Inn was located in a vibrant urban location.

“We realized that the value of multiple types of travelers would provide better occupancy, stronger income, and lower our risks in the marketplace. And, we had the personal conveniences of access to all that in town inns have to offer (dining, shopping, culture).”

Another feature is that they are often located in beautiful renovated in-town historic manses, homes where prominent families lived before suburban sprawl. In addition, it is not all cement and asphalt; there are often secret gardens and patios, even swimming pools.

Here are a few examples of successful urban Bed and Breakfasts The B&B Team is currently offering for sale.

Urban Bed & Breakfast

Cornerstone Inn-Urban Bed & Breakfast for Sale

  • Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast, Philadelphia PA. Walk to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, fine dining and events. Yes…it’s urban!
    • Located in University City adjacent to both the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel.
    • Occupancy exceeds 70% (national average for B&Bs of this size is about 41%.
    • ADR is over $190 (national average for B&Bs of this size is about $160).

The Cornerstone Inn is a beautiful 1865 Victorian ‘painted lady’ set on a quiet Philadelphia street among towering trees and other historic buildings. Highlights of the Inn include original architectural carpentry, original wood flooring and 7 glorious stained glass windows.

urban Bed & breakfast

Urban Bed & Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley

  • A Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Inn. 18 guest room Georgian Mansion Inn located in an historic neighborhood in Eastern PA.
    • Near a world renowned liberal arts college. Includes all the advantages an urban property can offer.
    • Occupancy and ADR plus complete financials are available to qualified buyers with a signed NDA.

An elegant Georgian mansion originally built in 1895. In 1986 the building was fully restored to its former glory and has welcomed guests ever since. Over the years it has evolved into what is now the stately eighteen-room Lehigh Valley urban Bed & Breakfast.

Take a look at The B&B Team’s additional Urban Bed & Breakfasts for sale offerings.

Downtown Pittsburgh Bed and Breakfast.

  • Historic Mansion with 9 guest rooms in the middle of this dynamic city. A few blocks from Heinz Field, PNC Park, and Andy Warhol Museum. Urban neighborhood at it’s best.
urban bed & breakfast

Downtown Pittsburgh Urban Bed & Breakfast for Sale


Annapolis Maryland Bed and Breakfast

  • Amid dozens of diverse area attractions that bring visitors to town such as the Naval Academy, St. John’s College, city Dock with its showcase Harbor, the State Capital and surrounding businesses, plus boutique shopping, pubs and eclectic dining offerings that are ALL within a short walking distance. In the historic district of Annapolis.
urban Bed & Breakfat

Annapolis Maryland Urban Bed & Breakfast for sale

Still interested? Follow the links and give us a call. We can help.

Thanks for Listening,

Janet Wolf